Did the turntable replace the DJ? Then why should the iPod pose any more of a threat? Both are tools in which DJs use to orchestrate the perfect party. Whether you are throwing a Sweet 16 party or celebrating your wedding day, a good DJ will know what to play and when to play it. The DJs at Hurricane Productions entertainment in New Jersey specialize in finding the perfect balance between music genres and tempos for all events including Weddings, Sweet 16s, and more.

There are countless situations where a good DJ needs to make important decisions throughout any event. Decisions about song choice, volume level, guest requests, equipment failure, timing issues, and so on. If apple releases and iPod that can do all that, we’re all in trouble.

The simple truth is that iPods CAN NOT fulfill all the abilities that a seasoned DJ possesses. However, some still argue that the iPod poses a true threat to the mobile Disc Jockey. For the most part, these people do not know what they’re talking about and won’t understand until they really try running an entire party off of an iPod.

The major negatives in attempting to replace your DJ with an iPod are as follows:

  • iPod will not mix your music for you!
    That’s right! You’ll have to listen to every second of every song on your playlist. That is, unless you run behind your makeshift booth and abruptly end the song by pressing the next song button.
  • iPod will not make good choices!
    A simple click of the shuffle button has very little chance of running a successful music set. And what happens if you accidentally added “Loving You is Easy Cuz You’re Beautiful” to your dance playlist? How embarrassing . . .
  • iPod has no concept of flow or party rhythm.
    DJs are born with a 6th sense for music flow and rhythm. I don’t think iPods ship with that feature.
  • Volume, volume, volume.
    Did you know that all songs are not recorded at the same volume level? Your iPod may try to compensate for this variability with its Volume Check function but this function is less than reliable, ESPECIALLY if you have pirated / stolen music on your iPod. The dirty people that rip original CDs don’t care about your Sweet 16 and that Flo Rida is now bumping at half the volume the previous song was.
  • Feedback anyone?
    Without someone manning audio levels you can run into some real challenges if you plan on hosting a speech or toast at your engagement. The only thing worse than feedback is a bad DJ and with using an iPod you risk the chance of having both occur.
  • VALUE!
    If you STILL feel like an iPod is a viable solution to your party’s entertainment needs then it must be a money issue. Please take a step back and think about what you will need to rent in order to supply your iPod with the necessary sound reinforcement. High quality audio equipment can cost as much as $500-$700 per day.Most DJ companies will supply experienced individuals to run your party, as well as all the equipment, for under a thousand dollars. Take a look at Hurricane Productions Super Sweet 16 Package for an idea of what true DJ entertainment value is all about. This package includes 3 staff members, web photo package, lighting show, high quality sound system and tons more. Your iPod certainly can’t do all that.

For now the iPod will remain nothing more than a music storage tool and private music player. Not a DJ replacement device.

Check out Hurricane Productions LLC, an affordable DJ entertainment company based out of New Jersey that focuses on continuely adding value to their already fantastic product.

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