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Years ago, brides created scrapbooks and collages with bridal magazine cutouts, color swatches, and fabric samples to showcase their ideas for the big day. Today, most brides have a wedding Pinterest board to digitally curate their wedding day inspiration.

These Pinterest boards aren’t just useful for you and your fiancé, though — they’re also extremely helpful for your wedding photographers and editors. When you Pin wedding photos to your board and share it with your photographer, you provide them with a visual representation of your photography ideas. In essence, you’re giving them guidelines to follow when planning your perfect wedding day photoshoot.

In the Hurricane Productions online event planner, you’ll find a spot to add your wedding Pinterest board link to help your photographer out. If you’re planning to create and share a board with us before your final consultation, here are a few tips for what to include.

Photos to add to your wedding Pinterest board

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can add photos from anywhere on the internet, whether it’s a bridal publication, a venue’s website, or even your friend’s Facebook page. The number of photos you Pin to your wedding Pinterest board is up to you, but we recommend adding at least a few of each of these types of photos:

Photos of other events at your venue

If you’re getting married at a popular or traditional wedding venue, there should be no shortage of photos on Pinterest from other weddings that have been held there. A quick search of “[venue name] wedding photos” will often yield a wealth of ideas for places to shoot in and around the venue. This is a good starting point for building your board, since you can truly visualize what your own photos might look like in that space.

Have a unique wedding venue like a barn or a winery? Try looking for photos from similar locations, even if it’s not your exact venue.

Couple poses

the olde mill inn basking ridge njWhile you’ll probably find quite a few classic “couple” shots in your search for wedding photos at your venue, you may want to expand your search to find poses you love. Curate a healthy mix of posed and candid shots so your photographer can get an idea of special moments to capture.

Solo portraits

Bridal Prep Molly Pitcher InnWhile your wedding day is about the two of you as a couple, it’s nice to have solo bride and groom portraits that capture who you are as individuals. Magazine-style bridal shoots can give you some great inspiration for your solo shots, whether you take them during the pre-ceremony prep or outside your wedding venue.

Group and family shots

Most couples choose to take formal portraits with their family and wedding party either before or after the ceremony. If you’re doing this, Pin some group shots that reflect the approximate size of your party. You may also want to add some parent or family photo inspiration, and some “silly” posed shots if you have a group full of personality.

Location-inspired photos

Planning to visit a second location for more photos? Pin some photos that capture the setting so your photographer can map out good shooting locations.

Photos that capture your wedding aesthetic and/or personal style

pinterest board inspiration wedding photographyMaybe you spotted a table decor shot that blew you away, or a breathtaking photo of a wedding dress hanging in front of a window. Show your photographer what types of aesthetic shots you’re looking for so they can plan accordingly.

What if I don’t have a wedding Pinterest board?

While a public wedding Pinterest board is an easy and convenient way to share your photography vision with us, we know that not everyone uses Pinterest. We’re more than happy to accept inspiration photos via email, Google Drive, or other file-sharing service at any point before your final consultation — we’ll make sure it gets to your photographer!

As you share your inspiration with us, remember that your photographer has their own unique style of shooting, and your photos may not be exact replicas of the ones you pinned to your board. However, with a visual reference of the style and shots you’re looking for, your photographer will be able to better align their vision and yours to give you beautiful wedding photos that are uniquely yours.

Want a few more tips for working with your wedding photographer? Check out our blog post detailing what to do before, during, and after your wedding day.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of all-inclusive wedding day services, including photography, videography, and entertainment. Visit our pricing page or request a quote for more details.

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