I will say this about our six-year anniversary – These first five years of Hurricane Productions have been nothing more or less than research and development.

We’ve been able to learn about the DJ entertainment business in terms of what we like and what we want to change. All the while, we graduated high school and I recently graduated Rutgers University.

So here is my statement:  I don’t believe that we’ve truly competed with our real competitors up to this point. Today is when we start.

We’ve made in-roads in certain markets and networked over this past five years to give us our own foundation to start building a real brand.

We started our brand at St. John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ. We took that brand formula and expanded it at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Now, we will bring our brand to a much larger audience, starting in New Jersey.

As a small business, we’ve accomplished big things – at least more than any other DJ entertainment company at this point at their respective operations. We’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience and memories over these past five years. And the stories that got us to where we are now are timeless as much as they are priceless.

It’s hard to believe that six years ago we unloaded a pair of home stereo speakers from my dad’s light-blue Chevy into a Marlboro, NJ backyard to entertain a 50-person 8th grade graduation party.

That’s right, my dad drove Hurricane Productions to it’s first gig.

Tonight we’ll be entertaining a party that will feature three staff members, our DJ Screen and full light show, as well a variety of Hurricane Productions’ original features: next-day Facebook photos and a personalized slideshow produced by the company. In consecutive weekends earlier in the month, Hurricane Productions was able to successfully staff two large private parties with music, lights, and screens in the same evening.

Our youth and energy combined with experiences gives us a unique appeal in this industry.

I believe that Hurricane Productions will make strides to become a commercially appealing DJ entertainment company. I think the pitfall between “DJing” and “entertainment” is that few companies are able to blur the lines between the two because they simply don’t know how to. The current business model for “DJing” just doesn’t work anymore.

We will continue look at all forms of entertainment and take elements, along with our own original content, to make our company an all encompassing entertainment brand.  We were the first DJ company to launch a Facebook Fan Page and the first DJ company to effectively use search engine optimization to grow our brand online. I also believe we were one of the first successfully incorporate our brand with a blog page.

We will continue to be the first in many other aspects of the DJ entertainment business and in media.

The key to our growth, or to any growth in that matter, is to watch other people develop through the delegation process. And it’s a pleasure to see the successes and failures of those individuals. You have to continually build entertainers in this business. I won’t be 22 years old forever.

After five years, I’m excited that I’m ready to finally get started in this business. I’ve always considered myself a competitor and I look forward to bringing that spirit to this state and to the entertainment industry. One promise I make to our clients is that we will always compete with unparalleled ethics and values.


Vincent Anthony