Briel's Victoria's Secret Themed Sweet 16

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Since Briel's Sweet 16, at Sheraton Eatontown Hotel, we've had a host of reactions to the photo and video content. Some can't believe it was a Sweet 16, others are convinced the Victoria's Secret marketing department was hired for the design work.

Just to settle this, once and for all – Yes, it was a Sweet 16. And no, the Victoria's Secret brand did not play a part in bringing Briel's theme to life.

Sweet Sixteen

Five important details were needed to make Briel's Victoria's Secret theme a reality:

  1. Lighting – Briel's ballroom was blanked with bright pink lighting and club lighting provided by Hurricane Productions. The room featured custom name in lights projections, also designed by Hurricane. The name in lights, or gobo projections, mimicked Victoria's Secret branding including font treatments and graphic style. To top it off, the dance floor had it's own dedicated lighting system to create an authentic night club experience.
  2. Custom Graphics – TV screens around the event space displayed personalized motion graphics incorporating Briel's name and Victoria's Secret theme elements.
  3. The Cake – Briel's cake looked like it was pulled right out of a Victoria's Secret catalog. The lettering, color scheme, and design perfectly complimented the theme.
  4. The Dress – Any confusion regarding the theme of this party was put to rest as Briel entered the room. Her dress was absolutely stunning.
  5. The Party Favors – Briel's family went to great lengths to solidify this theme. They even bought Victoria's Secret gift bags from stores around the state for guest party favors.

Combining these design elements with pink uplighting around the room and incredible entertainment delivered the Sweet Sixteen experience Briel was hoping for.

For more information about Hurricane Productions Sweet 16 and event services, please click here.

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