From our humble beginnings at our original Red Bank office, Hurricane Productions and MediaCutlet have always called the Jersey Shore “home.” Though we’ve moved and expanded since then, we love hiring local talent to work our events across the Garden State and beyond.

For instance, three of our current event management team members all hail from Manasquan, a family-oriented village on the beach with a population of roughly 6,000. But don’t let its charming shore town vibes fool you: Manasquan is quickly becoming a central hub for New Jersey event management. Meet the pros helping Hurricane Productions and MediaCutlet become the go-to name in corporate event productions, right from their own backyard.

Meet Our Manasquan Team Members

Leaha Tilton, Senior Event Manager

Leaha Tilton started at HPMC in 2021 as an Event Manager. In her current role as Senior Event Manager, Leaha leads a team that includes an Event Manager and an Event Coordinator. Together, they manage our client portfolio and help attract new business. Leaha also plays a pivotal role in managing significant national events and opportunities.

The most important aspects of Leaha’s job include managing vendors, sourcing proposals, and making sure our event calendars are synced so everything runs smoothly and on time.

Leaha Tilton

She also builds and maintains strong relationships with our clients to make sure we’re meeting their needs and expectations. She engages with clients to assist them with activities related to sponsorships and managing ticketing/event management software.

Leaha’s passion for events can be traced back to her early career, during her impactful role with the Jersey Shore Blueclaws minor league baseball team. This experience solidified her interest in events and motivated her to build a career in this dynamic field.

Why Manasquan? What Leaha loves most about living and working in Manasquan is the community and the ability to have a flexible working environment.

“It is easy enough to work from home, but also meet co-workers outside of work for a coffee or breakfast,” she says. “We also have the ability to attend the events we manage and see everything come together.”

Jada Scimeca, Events Coordinator

Jada Scimeca is our Events Coordinator, where she assists the Event Manager with various tasks and logistics that are essential for successfully executing events. She thrives in a project-based environment, expertly managing multiple moving parts to ensure a seamless workflow.

Jada says she finds great satisfaction in event management, a career that allows her to transform her clients’ vision for their dream events into reality.

Jada Scimeca

She excels in not just understanding the vision of the clients, but also in meticulously bringing it to life, from the initial discovery phase through to the final execution. This process, in which ideas become tangible, rewarding experiences, fuels her passion and dedication to her role.

Why Manasquan? The beach, the tight-knit community, the close proximity to everything, and Leggett’s Sand Bar (a favorite local spot) are among Jada’s top reasons to love living and working in Manasquan.

Molly Finnegan Louhier, Social Media Specialist

Molly Finnegan Louhier is our freelance Social Media Manager and Marketing Specialist who specializes in creating, scheduling, and managing content across various social media platforms.

Driven by her passion for marketing and proficiency in leveraging diverse marketing tools, Molly significantly contributes to promoting the events our team produces. She strongly believes in the power of social media as a tool to amplify the efforts of hardworking event management teams like ours by showcasing their meticulous coordination to the broader audience.


Molly’s expertise lies in optimizing social media to not only market and promote events but also to highlight the intensive work that goes into planning and executing them. Through this strategy, she helps achieve greater visibility and engagement for these events, ultimately leading to more successful outcomes for our clients.

Why Manasquan? For Molly, it’s all about living close to the beach and a bustling downtown with tons of small local businesses.

“The sense of community in Manasquan is truly special and I am so grateful to be able to live and work in such a beautiful town,” says Molly.

‘Local Roots, Regional Reach, National Aspirations’: The HPMC Difference

So, what about Hurricane Productions and MediaCutlet has brought these three talented event management professionals together on the same team? As Leaha puts it, it’s our “local roots and ability to grow in regions of the US with our eye on impacting National events.” We have a 20-year legacy of producing exceptional private and corporate events all over the East Coast and have worked with numerous national brands, but we’re still a small New Jersey based small business at our core.

Here’s what our team wants you to know about working with HPMC on your next event:

  • Our dedication and skills are unmatched. We are a team of extremely dedicated, detail-oriented people with a diverse skill set.
  • We love our team and our clients. We genuinely enjoy working together and working with our clients. We have many long-standing client relationships that have been developed over the course of years.
  • We’re here to make your job easier. Every business/client has different needs, and our No. 1 priority is to be adaptable and accommodating to make our work proficient.
  • We can make pretty much anything happen. We seamlessly execute events and keep communication a top priority. We’re committed to customer service, and if you trust our team, you’ll get your dream event, executed flawlessly.

Ready to see the Hurricane difference for yourself? Get in touch with us today and request a quote for your next event or learn more about our team.