Hurricane Productions and The Manor located in West Orange, NJ teamed together to create the perfect setting for a traditional Sweet 16.

Any DJ company can provide the newest music and young entertainers but Hurricane Productions also pays attention to the details.

The Bacani family and their daughter, Sarah, came to Hurricane Productions seeking advice as to how to format a Filipino Sweet 16. Half of the guests were native speaking and had a strong sense of tradition while the other half of the guests were Sarah’s school friends.

The family envisioned a night where all of the guests would be up and dancing together but they worried that it wouldn’t be possible.

After an in-home consultation with the family, Hurricane Productions created a seamless format and program for the Sweet 16 that kept all guests happy and engaged.

Sarah and her Sweet 16 court were eloquently introduced into the ballroom and the performed a traditional choreographed waltz. Sarah invited her father out to the dance floor for a special dedication dance. Right after dinner guests were treated to a photo montage documenting Sarah’s life and then her Sweet 16 court returned to the dance floor for a traditional Filipino dance called the ‘jota.’

Sarah delivered a beautiful Sweet 16 candle ceremony set to dedication music and then danced with her close relatives as they handed her 16 roses to commemorate her Sweet 16.

Despite all of the formal events of the Sweet 16, Sarah and her family still danced the night away. The Manor and its staff assisted Hurricane Productions with timing all of the ceremonies and had meals available right way for guests during cocktail hour through three separate courses.

The Bacani family even had a last minute request just three days before the party. They needed a videographer and photographer and Hurricane Productions was able to provide them with those services.

After the party, Hurricane Productions immediately posted all the photos on Facebook and uploaded a video (which you can see above) by the end of the weekend.

Within two weeks after the Sweet 16, Hurricane Productions mailed the Bacani family a DVD with all of the photos and video clips.

During the Sweet 16 Hurricane Productions provided video screens, spotlight intelligent lighting, music videos and more.

You can learn more about Hurricane Productions on its facebook page located at


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