Brianna and Dan - James Ward Mansion

Brianna and Dan Hengst were married at the elegant James Ward Mansion in Westfield, New Jersey. Referred to as Union County's "best kept secret," this magnificent venue boasts 24-foot ceilings, spiral staircases, and fireplaces, along with a sky-lit garden atrium room. These gorgeous features provided a romantic atmosphere and the perfect backdrop for the couple's big day.

Empower Your Teen to Plan Her Sweet 16 with Hurricane Productions

For many girls, there's no birthday party more special or memorable than her Sweet 16 or Quinceañera. It's a day dedicated entirely to her, with family and friends gathered to celebrate the young woman she's become.

Of course, before the big day, there's the lengthy and sometimes stressful Sweet 16 planning process. Because her parents are booking -- and paying for -- the event, the birthday girl may feel like she doesn't have as much say as she'd like in her celebration.

At the same time, planning a Sweet 16 or Quinceañera for your daughter can be overwhelming. Not only are there countless details to address, but you also have to make sure a crowd of teenagers and older family members will both have a great time.

When you book Hurricane Productions for your daughter's event, we empower her to plan her own party. She has her own vision of her birthday celebration and she knows what kind of entertainment she and her friends will enjoy. Here are just a few things we do to make it easy for you to delegate the Sweet 16 planning process to the guest of honor:

She can get insights from someone who's been through it.

It's important that your teen talks through her musical tastes and vision with her Sweet 16 DJ and MC. However, the DJ entertainment industry tends to skew male -- and while we love our guys, your daughter probably wants a fellow female perspective. Our General Manager, Chelsea Rutkowski, personally communicates with every client throughout their planning process. The birthday girl can reach out to Chelsea if she has any specific questions or just wants a second opinion about some details of her party.

She has a direct contact to her DJ and MC.

Chelsea facilitates direct connection between your daughter and her DJ and MC for her Sweet 16. At some DJ companies, you have an initial consultation with the manager, sign a contract, and don't talk with the actual DJ or MC until you finalize the playlist. We believe in having your birthday girl meet the team who will be working the DJ booth at her party.

Whether you book Robbie, Alvin, Nate, or one of our other talented entertainers, you and your teen will have a chance to speak with her DJ and MC to get a sense of their personalities and musical styles. Entertainment can make or break a party, so this direct communication helps ensure your team is a good fit for the crowd at your daughter's Sweet 16 or Quinceañera.

She can use our online planning portal to customize her day.

Our clients love how easy it is to use our online planning portal. Your teen can log in and select the musical genres she wants played at her party, set her "must play" and "do not play" lists, and designate special songs for her Father-Daughter dance and/or candle ceremony. Meanwhile, you can use the portal to manage your contract and payments in just a few clicks.

Let Hurricane Productions help you and your teenager through the Sweet 16 planning process. Check out our all-inclusive entertainment, photography, and videography packages for Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras, or contact us directly for a quote.

6 Beautiful Fall Wedding Venues in New Jersey

From the "off-season" price drop to the romantic colors of autumn, it's easy to see why October and November are becoming popular months to say "I do."

Peak wedding season runs from late spring to early fall, but more and more local couples are choosing to tie the knot later in the year.

Getting married in the fall also means you'll have unbelievably gorgeous wedding photos and videos. The changing leaves and colorful fall foliage in this part of the country provide the perfect backdrop for your big day.

Whether you're looking for historic charm, rustic beauty, or modern elegance, here are some visually stunning venues to host fall weddings in New Jersey.

The Palace at Somerset Park (Somerset, NJ)

Autumn trees provide the perfect color contrast for this venue's all-white, neo-Palladian exterior. The Palace at Somerset Park boasts lush, year-round greenery and exquisite gardens, so no matter when you hold your wedding, you're sure to get an incredible view.

The Marigold (Somerset, NJ)

Charming and sophisticated, The Marigold has everything you need for an outdoor fall wedding photo shoot. Your photographer can snap portraits and candids in the gardens, on the patio, in front of the gazebo, and outside the beautiful venue itself.

Mountain Creek Resort (Vernon, NJ)

Enjoy the majestic, tree-covered mountains of Northern New Jersey when you hold your wedding at Mountain Creek Resort. You'll have tons of options for photo backgrounds, from breathtaking mountaintop view during your ceremony to the rustic exterior and stone patio of the Red Tail Lodge.


The Olde Mill Inn (Basking Ridge, NJ)

At The Olde Mill Inn at Basking Ridge, you'll find the perfect blend of historic and modern aesthetics. Your guests will be welcomed by beautifully landscaped grounds that lead up to the impressive stone-front hotel. The Inn's stonewall terrace with lighted trees, scenic gardens, and outdoor gazebo offer countless romantic photo ops.


Porta (Asbury Park, NJ)

For couples seeking a more casual, intimate wedding, Porta is the perfect spot. Located in downtown Asbury Park, this pizza joint-slash-event venue is just steps away from the boardwalk. You won't have to fight the summer crowds for your beach wedding photos!

Waterloo Village (Stanhope, NJ)

Waterloo Village is perfect for couples that want to feel like they're stepping into the past. This 19th century canal town sits along the scenic Musconetcong River in Allamuchy Mountain State Park. With its stone buildings, outdoor pavilion, and working mill, Waterloo offers as much history and character as it does natural beauty.

Found your perfect venue but still need a DJ, photographer, or videographer for your big day?

Request a quote or visit our pricing page to learn more about Hurricane Productions' all-inclusive wedding media and entertainment packages.

Branna's Kate Spade-Inspired Sweet 16

Brianna's Kate Spade Themed Sweet 16 at The Imperia

The playful yet sophisticated designs of the late Kate Spade are beloved by women across the world. Many American girls even considered buying a Kate Spade handbag as a “coming-of-age ritual,” a “status symbol,” and a “token of adulthood.”

In keeping with this idea, Brianna chose to make the designer's the center of her Kate Spade themed Sweet 16 celebration. Her friends and family gathered at The Imperia in Somerset, New Jersey for an evening of food, fun, dancing, and the inspiring ethos of Kate Spade.

Before her reception, Brianna posed for formal portraits taken by Hurricane Productions photographer Corynn Egreczky. The birthday girl wore a pastel pink embroidered ballgown, while much of her family and Court donned formal black and gray attire.

Later in the evening, Brianna changed into a gold embroidered mermaid-style dress to finish out her celebration.

Brianna and her family decked out The Imperia’s Cristal Ballroom in Spade’s classic design colors: black, white, and gold with splashes of pink. Hurricane Productions created a custom Snapchat geofilter, LED TV-displayed animations, and a Name in Lights projection – complete with a spade icon – as part of Brianna’s Photo & Entertainment package. The Name in Lights design was also used on custom t-shirts worn by Brianna’s Court.

Brianna’s Sweet 16 entertainment team included DJ Nate Hawley and emcee Robert Padovano. When guests weren’t dancing under the intelligent spotlighting, uplighting, and club-like dry ice cannon, they were using the attended open air photo booth to create memories of their own.

Want Hurricane Productions to help you celebrate your next special event?

Visit our Sweet 16 pricing page or contact us for a custom quote. Or, if you’re looking for more Sweet 16 theme ideas, check out what some of our past clients have done.

Sam and Eric - Clarks Landing

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but as Samantha Garcia and Eric Fusco discovered, it only takes two of them to begin a lifetime of happiness. The couple, who met on the dating website Plenty of Fish, are now #ofishallyFuscos after their Clarks Landing wedding at the Jersey Shore.

5 Awesome Sweet 16 Snapchat Geofilters

What do you do when you're at a special event? You take pictures and share them on social media, of course.

For teens and young adults attending Sweet 16 and Quinceañera celebrations, this often means posting pictures and videos on Snapchat throughout the evening. Now, imagine how much more personal and special those Snaps would be with a "branded" geofilter designed just for the party.

As part of our Sweet 16 Social Package and higher, Hurricane Productions creates a personalized Snapchat geofilter for guests to use during the event. These filters, which are typically tailored to fit the theme and color scheme, create a fun and unique way for friends and family to share their experiences of your celebration.

Here are a few of our favorite designs from past Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras to inspire a custom Snapchat geofilter for your event.

[See our geofilters in action]

Sparkle and Shine

Sweet 16 Snapchat geofilter

This geofilter put the "jewel" in Julianna, with her name stylized to match the stones on her tiara and gown.

Meet Me In Paris

Sweet 16 Snapchat geofilter

For Jennifer's Paris-themed Sweet 16, the Eiffel Tower and a romantic Paris street sign made the perfect filter for her guests' Snaps.

The City (and Party) That Never Sleeps

Quinceanera custom Snapchat geofilter

Sydney's Quinceañera featured a geofilter decked out with the Manhattan skyline, complete with a glowing full moon and the Statue of Liberty.

Psychadelic Snaps

Sweet 16 custom Snapchat geofilter

Guests looked pretty groovy when they used the geofilter for Catherine's sixties-themed Sweet 16.

Luxury and Elegance in a Snap

Sweet 16 custom Snapchat geofilter

Inspired by luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., Claudia's celebration featured a Snapchat geofilter designed to mimic the company's iconic "Tiffany Blue" box with white ribbon.

Check out more of our Snapchat filters in action:

In addition to custom Snapchat geofilters for your Sweet 16 or Quinceañera, we can also provide multi-screen displays around your dance floor, streaming live Instagram photos using your hashtag, and personalized graphics created by our design team.

Visit our pricing page or request a quote to learn more about our all-inclusive media and entertainment services for your special birthday celebration.

Great Sweet 16 Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Celebration

A Sweet 16 theme can transform the standard ballroom at your event venue into a magical backdrop for a unique and unforgettable celebration. It sets the tone and ambiance for the evening, and can touch every element of your event, from your attire and décor to the cake and favors.

While many birthday girls choose a special color as their theme, some go all out and incorporate world cities, pop culture, or their heritage into their party. If you're looking for Sweet 16 theme ideas, look no further than these recent Hurricane Productions events.

Unique Sweet 16 theme ideas


sweet 16 theme ideas - masquerade

Masquerade balls have been popular for centuries, and have long been associated with wealth, class, elegance, and mystique. Melanie’s masquerade celebration was a modern Sweet 16 with elements of the traditional quinceañera. The classic masquerade mask, which some of the guests wore during the evening, was incorporated into the birthday girl’s custom Name in Lights display, designed by Hurricane Productions.

Beauty and the Beast

sweet 16 theme ideas - beauty and the beast
Sabrina Ann blowing out her Sweet 16 Candles at the Ria Mar in South River, NJ.

From her Belle-inspired ballgown, to her birthday cake topped with a Belle-and-Beast silhouette topper, Sabrina Ann's Sweet 16 at Ria Mar was all about Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." A blue and gold color scheme, red rose décor, and a Disney-style custom Name in Lights and Snapchat filter from Hurricane Productions tied Sabrina Ann's theme together.

Indian-Inspired Elephant Theme

indian-inspired elephant sweet 16

At Samantha's Sweet 16, held at The Excelsior, the birthday girl highlighted her favorite symbol of good luck and fortune: an elephant with an upward-facing trunk. Inspired by the mythology behind the elephant, Samantha celebrated Indian culture at her event with traditional sarees and henna body art. Hurricane Productions also created a custom animation based on her theme.

Great Gatsby

great gatsby birthday celebration

New York in the 1920s was all about glitz and glamour, and what better way to celebrate that era's opulence than with a "Great Gatsby"-themed Sweet 16? For Nicolette's celebration, Brooklyn's Gargiulo's Restaurant was decked out in black, silver, and gold, while the birthday girl stood out in her gorgeous red ballgown. With a sophisticated cake and custom animation to match the color scheme, Nicolette's evening truly brought this classic American novel to life.


princess-themed sweet 16

If you can't choose just one favorite princess, why not celebrate with them all? Juliana's Sweet 16 at Bridgewater Manor celebrated all of the birthday girl's favorite fictional royalty, from her Cinderella-carriage centerpieces and castle-topped cake, to her Tinkerbell-inspired ballgown and shoes. Aside from her castle-and-tiara custom animation, the most magical part of Juliana's event was an outdoor paper lantern send-off.

You can check out some more incredible themed celebrations we've been a part of over the years in our Sweet 16 portfolio. Popular themes include ParisArabian Nights, and Nightclub, but there are plenty of unique ones, like Winter in MoscowVictoria's Secret, and Caribbean.

Hurricane Productions provides a full suite of media and entertainment services for all special occasions, including Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras. Visit our pricing page or request a quote to learn more about our all-inclusive packages for your special birthday celebration.

Princess Themed Sweet 16 at River View Banquet Center – Berkeley Heights, NJ

Ashley's Princess Themed Sweet 16: River View Banquet Center

Many little girls dream of being a princess when they grow up. Ashley got to live the royal fantasy at her princess themed Sweet 16 celebration.

Ashley's family and friends gathered at the River View Banquet Center, an elegant venue in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey that boasts a "rustic ambiance and charm." The birthday girl wore a rhinestoned, corset-back baby blue ballgown, while her family and court were dressed in varying shades of blue. Ashley’s two-tiered, blue-and-white birthday cake perfectly complemented her color scheme and featured a Cinderella-style shoe as the topper.

Hurricane Productions' director of operations, Nick Nittoli, helped transform the River View Banquet Center's ballroom into one fit for a modern princess. As part of our Media & Entertainment Package, Ashley's event included Twin Totem lighting, colored uplighting, a photo montage, custom animation displayed on a 42" LED TV screen, an open-air photo booth, and even a personalized Snapchat geofilter for guests to use throughout the night.

With the atmosphere set, DJ Nate Hawley provided the evening's entertainment, while MC Robbie Padovano kept the crowd engaged. Photographer Jasear Thompson and videographer Tyler Ajamian captured all the highlights of Ashley's big night, providing her and her family with lasting digital memories of this special celebration.

Hurricane Productions provides a full suite of media and entertainment services for all special occasions, including Sweet 16s. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our all-inclusive packages, or contact us for a quote to customize your event.

Central New Jersey Sweet 16 Venues

For many families in the tri-state area, hosting a big, memorable celebration for their daughter's 16th birthday is a rite of passage. It's her night to feel like royalty – she's dressed in a ballgown and tiara, surrounded by family and friends who are there to celebrate the incredible young woman she's become.

Your girl only turns 16 once, and it's important to find a venue that can create the event she's envisioned. Hurricane Productions has been a part of hundreds of New Jersey Sweet 16 celebrations over the years, and we've discovered some event spaces that pull out all the stops for this very special birthday.

In alphabetical order, here are six Central New Jersey Sweet 16 venues we love working at.

Central New Jersey Sweet 16 venues you and your daughter will love

Bridgewater Manor (Bridgewater)

central new jersey sweet 16 venues | bridgewater manor

Bridgewater Manor aims to provide high-end service for its social events, small or large. Each event is assigned a personal party manager to oversee every detail, including white-glove table service, special décor, tent setup for outdoor parties, and even group activities. The Manor's Sweet 16 Party Package includes a 30-minute hors d'oeuvres cocktail reception, your choice of display stations, and a sundae bar plus tiered birthday cake. Mocktails and a chocolate fountain can be added to your package for an extra-special touch.

The Imperia (Somerset)

the imperia sweet 16 photography somerset nj

Your guests are sure to be impressed when they walk in and see The Imperia's signature double staircase welcoming them to your daughter's Sweet 16. Each of this venue's three gorgeously decorated ballrooms can be divided into separate areas to create the perfect layout and room size for your party. In addition to excellent service and ambience, The Imperia also offers phenomenal outdoor backdrops for family portraits, including its private stone patio, waterfall garden, marble gazebo, and benches.

Knob Hill Golf Club (Manalapan)

knob hill golf club sweet 16 photography

At Knob Hill Golf Club, your guests will enjoy a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with a fantastic view of its sprawling golf course. Its beautiful ballroom can accommodate up to 175 guests, and the menu options are seemingly limitless. Knob Hill's affordable Sweet 16 Package (less than $40 per person) includes butler-passed hors d'oeuvres, a plated salad, a choice of three entrees and a side, and a sundae bar or custom cake.

Pines Manor (Edison)

central new jersey sweet 16 venues | pines manor edison nj

If you're hosting a large celebration for your daughter's 16th birthday, Pines Manor is a great choice. This conveniently located, exquisitely decorated venue can effortlessly accommodate up to 1,500 guests, offering a customizable menu and impeccable service. Add sophisticated "finishing touches" such as ice sculptures, fruit carvings, floral arrangements, imported silk wall coverings, and damask linens.

Sterling Gardens (Matawan)

sterling gardens sweet 16 photography matawan nj

Sterling Gardens is perfectly picturesque before you even step foot inside with its newly renovated gardens, stone pathways, water fountain, and white pergola. When you pass through the elegant double French doors to the ballroom, you'll find a tiled dance floor with an enormous, sparkling chandelier above it. The Sterling Gardens Sweet 16 package includes custom colored uplighting, your choice of up to five delectable food stations, a customized tiered cake, and your choice of two additional dessert stations.

Windsor Ballroom (East Windsor)

windsor ballroom event east windsor nj

Located in the Holiday Inn East Windsor, the elegant Windsor Ballroom offers endless options to personalize your event. The "Sweet Teen" package includes LED Hollywood lighting in your choice of color, a pre-party hors d'oeuvres reception, specialty fare stations, and a custom sheet cake and sundae bar for dessert. Add a Signature Mocktail, personalized printed menu cards, fitted modern chair covers, and more. Discounted hotel accommodations for guests are available.

Of course, the venue is just one element of your daughter's big day. To make her Sweet 16 unforgettable, you need a top-notch media and entertainment team to keep the party going and capture every moment of the celebration.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of event services for all special occasions, including Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras. In addition to providing a DJ/MC, photographer, videographer and lighting, we can also create personalized graphics, integrate Instagram and Snapchat features, and set up a photo booth to take your event to the next level.

Request a quote visit our pricing page to learn more about our all-inclusive Sweet 16 service packages.

Our Favorite Monmouth County Wedding Venues

As a wedding vendor located in downtown Red Bank, New Jersey, Hurricane Productions has had the pleasure of DJing, photographing, and filming tons at some of the top Monmouth County wedding venues.

Because we're so close to the coast, waterfront venues are popular among our couples, but not every New Jersey couple wants a beach wedding. Whether you're looking for an upscale restaurant, a beautiful banquet hall or a sprawling country club, this part of the state offers a wide selection of picturesque places for engaged couples to celebrate their marriage.

In alphabetical order, here are nine Monmouth County wedding venues we love.

Crystal Ballroom (Freehold)

Located in the Radisson of Freehold, New Jersey, the Crystal Ballroom is an elegant and convenient venue for your Monmouth County wedding. Hold a romantic outdoor ceremony with the hotel's beautiful fountain in the background, then bring up to 300 guests right inside for cocktail hour and your reception.

Jumping Brook Country Club (Neptune City)

jumping brook country club wedding photography

This private golf course and club in Neptune can accommodate up to 400 guests in its three gorgeous ballrooms, all of which offer breathtaking views of the course. Jumping Brook Country Club only hosts one wedding at a time, so you and your fiancé will truly feel like the day is yours. This venue advertises a kosher wedding menu option, as well as accommodations for traditional Indian weddings, including spacious dressing suites and locations for Barat and Mandap ceremonies.

Molly Pitcher Inn (Red Bank)

This Red Bank landmark is right in our own backyard, a short walk from Hurricane Productions headquarters. The Molly Pitcher Inn overlooks the Navesink River, which can be viewed from the Ballroom. Take your ceremony and reception outdoors on the Inn's tented promenade to fully appreciate this stunning wedding day backdrop. Molly Pitcher Inn offers discounted room blocks for your wedding guests, as well as packages for rehearsal dinners and post-wedding breakfasts.

Oyster Point Hotel (Red Bank)

Another Red Bank waterfront favorite, the Oyster Point Hotel is the sister property of Molly Pitcher Inn. This recently renovated boutique hotel offers the option for an indoor ceremony, as well as two beautiful event spaces for up to 220 guests. You may also choose to get married outdoors on the Navesink River bank before heading inside for cocktail hour and reception.

Shadowbrook (Shrewsbury)

Although it's located right off the busy Route 35, Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury is truly a hidden gem, tucked away behind tall, shady maple trees and beautifully landscaped grounds. You will feel like you've been transported to another era when you celebrate your special day in this historic mansion, which dates back to 1910. Shadowbrook makes the venue exclusively available for couples celebrating their wedding, so you and your guests can privately enjoy its scenic outdoor ceremony location and elegantly decorated ballrooms.

Spring Lake Manor (Spring Lake)

spring lake manor wedding photography

At the Spring Lake Manor, you'll find a private outdoor courtyard complete with a fountain, intimate spaces for your cocktail hour, and a newly renovated ballroom that fits up to 350 guests. At the end of your reception, you can reserve The Grille Room – a bar with music and a flat-screen TV – for a fun and relaxed afterparty. Spring Lake Manor also offers catering services if you'd prefer to have your wedding offsite.

Sterling Ballroom (Tinton Falls)

sterling ballroom wedding tinton fall nj

Inside the DoubleTree by Hilton Tinton Falls, you'll find the Sterling Ballroom, a modern venue that offers everything you need for your wedding day. You can hold your outdoor ceremony under the property's beautiful white pergola, surrounded by lush trees and flowers. Then, enjoy cocktail hour, dance the night away at the reception, host an afterparty, and wake up the next morning for brunch – all in the same location. Sterling Ballroom accommodates up to 225 guests and hosts one wedding at a time.

The Mill Lakeside Manor (Spring Lake)

the mill nj spring lake nj wedding

The Mill Lakeside Manor, part of the Clarks Landing family of venues, offers a serene and picturesque location for your big day. The rustic, natural backdrop of Old Mill Pond is ideal for wedding portraits, but inside the property's stately 18,000-square-foot venue, you'll get the "sophisticated feel of an elegant estate manor." The Mill Lakeside Manor hosts one wedding at a time to give you and your guests exclusive use of the grounds. Choose from the Waterview Room, an atrium-covered deck with plenty of natural lighting and lake views, or the tranquil Garden Area for an intimate, outdoor summer wedding reception.

The Water Witch Club (Highlands)

monmouth county wedding venues | water witch club highlands nj

Looking for a unique wedding location with historical charm and an air of exclusivity? The Water Witch Club, a preferred venue of Falco's Catering, sits on Monmouth Hills, one of the highest points of the eastern seaboard. You and up to 150 guests can celebrate in the Clubhouse while you enjoy a variety of beautiful views, including the Sandy Hook bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the New York City skyline. The Water Witch Club only hosts 12 weddings per season (April through October), so you'll need to act fast if you want to book this one-of-a-kind venue.

Getting married in Monmouth County? Let Hurricane Productions be a part of your special day. Visit our pricing page or request a quote to learn more about our wedding entertainment and media services.

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How to Choose the Best DJ for Your Wedding Day

Engaged couples have a lot of decisions to make when planning their wedding. After the big choices like the date, venue, and the guest list are made, your next step is choosing your wedding DJ – the person or team who will set the tone for your wedding day and make sure your guests are having a great time.

It's easy to treat wedding entertainment as a throwaway decision, but the quality of your DJ can make or break your reception. A good DJ and MC team keeps the event flowing seamlessly with a great playlist and an upbeat atmosphere; guests can't help but get up and dance. A mediocre team can barely keep people on the dance floor, and when wedding guests are more interested in their conversations than the music, the MC's announcements feel like an annoying interruption. That's why it's crucial to hire a reputable company that can deliver the wedding experience you want for yourselves and your guests.

5 questions to ask when choosing your wedding DJ

Whether you're just beginning your DJ search or trying to decide between vendors, be sure to consider the following factors before signing a contract:

1. How responsive, communicative and focused are they?

Some DJs provide entertainment services as a side gig, while others make it their full-time job. It's best to go with a vendor whose time is devoted to their business, so you can be sure that they'll respond to you in a timely manner when you have questions.

How long did it take them to get back to you when you requested a quote? If they left you waiting for more than a few days, they may show the same level of communication throughout the process, which doesn't bode well for any last-minute plan changes that may arise. Look for a company that makes its clients a priority and responds to emails and phone calls within one or two business days.

2. What is their planning process like?

If you've hired a DJ for a past event, you know how much granular detail goes into planning your music and announcements. Every DJ will ask you for a list of preferred genres, special requests and "do not play" songs to make sure they're playing what you want to hear, but consider their process for collecting that information. Do they scribble notes on a piece of paper during your consultation? Ask you for an emailed list before your wedding date? Provide a centralized online platform to track everything as you plan?

Organization is key, and should be your DJ's top priority when helping you select your music. The vendor you choose should also provide guidance in terms of announcements, wedding traditions (parent dances, bouquet toss, etc.) and overall event timeline.

3. Do they understand our wedding details and timeline?

No two weddings are exactly alike, and it's important to find a vendor that understands every detail of your wedding day, from your ceremony and reception entrance, to your last dance of the night. The more experience your wedding DJ company has, the more likely it is that they'll be able to stick to your plan and keep things on schedule throughout the event.

Your MC should also go over the people involved in your wedding, including their role (mother of the bride, maid of honor, best man, etc.), name pronunciations, and any special music you want played for each person.

4. What types of payment plans and methods do they offer?

In terms of cost, wedding entertainment is right up there with photography and videography, so it's important to understand the payment structure your wedding DJ offers. The best companies allow you to pay in installments after your initial deposit, and accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

5. How confident do we feel that this company will make our wedding day special?

Whenever you meet or speak with your wedding DJ, you should feel like you're receiving white-glove service. Do they know who you are when you call, or do you have to remind them of your name and wedding date? Are they making helpful suggestions to you and your fiancé when you're stuck on a decision? Do you feel like they're trying to shoehorn you into another cookie-cutter wedding, or do they approach your big day like it's the only one they're focused on? If your DJ makes you feel special and unique during the planning process, it's a safe bet that they'll bring that same energy to your wedding.

With more than a decade of providing wedding sound and entertainment services to tri-state area couples, Hurricane Productions takes its role as a professional wedding entertainment company very seriously. We understand that choosing your wedding DJ can be a very personal decision based on your tastes and preferences, so we'll work with you on a customized plan to create an unforgettable event. Our secure online planning and payment portal allow you to build and pay for your dream wedding entertainment experience at your convenience, and our full-time dedicated support staff is there to help you every step of the way.

To learn more about our wedding packages, including photography and videography services, request a quote or visit our pricing page.

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5 Waterfront Jersey Shore Wedding Venues We Love

Hurricane Productions provides photography, videography and entertainment services for events all over the tri-state area, but we absolutely love working at local Jersey Shore wedding venues close to our Monmouth County offices.

Over the years, we've had the opportunity to shoot countless weddings at many of the gorgeous waterfront venues at the nearby Jersey Shore. If your idea of a perfect wedding day includes a sunset beach ceremony, a photoshoot on the pier, or simply a beautiful ocean view as your backdrop, you'll fall in love with these event spaces and restaurants just like we did.

In alphabetical order, here are some of our favorite Jersey Shore wedding venues located on the water.

Clarks Landing (Point Pleasant)

Clarks Landing overlooks the Manasquan River, offering a stunning backdrop for both your outdoor ceremony and your reception in the second-story Grand Ballroom. The docks are accessible for photo sessions, which make for particularly gorgeous sunset portraits. This venue only hosts one wedding at a time, giving you exclusive access to the estate and grounds during your special day. Clarks Landing also offers a personal attendant for each of the newlyweds.

Crystal Point Yacht Club (Point Pleasant) 

crystal point yacht club wedding ceremony

Also located along the Manasquan River, the Crystal Point Yacht Club offers "sweeping views" of the water from every one of its rooms. Between the docks and the picturesque landscaped grounds, which include an outdoor ceremony space and a gazebo, you're sure to get magazine-worthy photos. Should you and your guests need overnight accommodations, a block of rooms can be reserved at the adjacent Crystal Point Inn.

McLoone's Pier House (Long Branch)

If you've dreamed of getting married on the beach, consider McLoone's Pier House, a popular restaurant and event space nestled in the heart of Pier Village in Long Branch. Your oceanfront ceremony will be set up just outside the building, and when you and your guests come inside for the reception, you'll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean through McLoone's floor-to-ceiling windows. All wedding packages include a dedicated maître d' for your reception, votive candles on each table, and a custom-made wedding cake.

The Sunset Ballroom at Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty (Point Pleasant)

Renowned seafood restaurant Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty extends out onto a pier on the Manasquan River, giving you an unparalleled on-the-water experience. Weddings are held at The Sunset Ballroom, a recently remodeled five-room venue that accommodates up to 220 guests. The exquisite décor and beautiful river views provide a picture-perfect background for your wedding day.

Windows on the Water at Surfrider Beach Club (Sea Bright)

windows on the water wedding

Situated between the Shrewsbury River and the Atlantic Ocean, water views are everywhere at Windows on the Water at Surfrider Beach Club. This 7,000-square-foot venue boasts a beachfront terrace and a gazebo on the beach for elegant photos before, during and after your ceremony. During inclement weather and the off season, Windows' open air Atlantic Deck can be enclosed in glass and temperature controlled, so you can have the beach view ceremony and reception you've always wanted.

Honorable Mention: The Columns (Avon by the Sea)

Looking for a more unique wedding venue? The Columns, located on Ocean Avenue just off the Avon Boardwalk, is a seasonal restaurant and club located inside a Victorian mansion. This 135-year-old establishment offers an eclectic menu, as well as an elevated wrap-around porch for a 360-degree view of its surroundings. When you book a wedding package at The Columns, you'll enjoy beautiful views of the Atlantic and use of its private oceanfront suite.

Whether you need photography, videography or both, Hurricane Productions can help you capture every moment of your Jersey Shore wedding. Visit our pricing page or request a quote to learn more about our media and entertainment wedding packages.

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Lara and Dustin - Waterloo Village

Lara and Dustin's Wedding at Waterloo Village

Lara and Dustin Plutzer celebrated the start of their future together with a little slice of the past. The couple and their guests gathered for their fall wedding at Waterloo Village, a restored 19th-century canal town that provided a romantic and historical backdrop.

The soon-to-be newlyweds got ready with their respective wedding parties and shared a toast with them to kick off the day's events. Lara and her bridesmaids convened in Waterloo's charming bridal cottage before the bride met her groom on the gorgeous Village grounds for their first look.

The couple said their "I do's" in a beautiful outdoor Jewish ceremony, and then headed to the recently-renovated Waterloo Village Meeting House for a fun-filled reception.

The Plutzers hired Hurricane Productions videographers Brandon Perera and Tyler Ajamian to capture their wedding day on film. As part of their package, the couple received a 60 to 90-minute edit of their full-day coverage, as well as a 3 to 4-minute highlight video.

Hurricane also provided entertainment for the evening by MC and DJ Brian Buonassissi, along with Twin Totem lighting and a photo booth set up by lighting director Nick Nittoli.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. Visit our pricing page or request a quote for more details.

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If you would like to receive booking information or would like to make an appointment please contact us using the form below.

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Great Gatsby Themed Sweet 16 - Gargiulo's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Although "The Great Gatsby" took place on Long Island, Nicolette Torani and her family brought F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel to life in Brooklyn, New York.

On a warm summer evening, Nicolette celebrated her Great Gatsby-themed Sweet 16 at Garguilo's Restaurant with the help of Hurricane Productions.

From the décor and dress to the cake, this event was all about classic 1920s flair but with a modern twist. Hurricane photographers captured portraits of Nicolette, her family, and her court – who were dressed in sleek, era-appropriate black, gold, and silver outfits – as well as solo shots of the birthday girl under Garguilo's gorgeous outdoor gazebo.

MC Robert Padovano lead the entertainment team, keeping her friends and family on the dance floor throughout the night. To match Nicolette's elegant red ballgown, lighting tech Nick Nittoli set up red and amber full ballroom uplighting, as well as twin totem uplighting and two 42" screens displaying a custom animation based on the event's theme.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of entertainment and media services for special events. To learn more about our Sweet 16 packages, visit our pricing page or request a quote.

Stephanie and Chuck - The Shadowbrook

Stephanie and Chuck Santo were married at The Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Hurricane Productions was there throughout the entire event — from pre-ceremony to the afterparty — to help the couple celebrate their wedding.

Hurricane's photography team captured portraits and candid shots for the newlyweds, while the video team documented the day in motion picture. After the ceremony, the new Mr. and Mrs. Santo took advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather and had a photo shoot at Deep Cut Gardens in nearby Middletown, NJ.

Hurricane co-founders Vincent Velasquez and Strato Doumanis welcomed guests to Stephanie and Chuck's reception as the MC and DJ, respectively. Lighting tech Thomas Bishop set the ambiance with twin totem uplighting and pinspot lighting in the ballroom. The couple's friends and family danced the night away, and when the reception officially ended, DJ Nate Hawley took over to play some tunes for an afterparty.

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