Julia's Sweet 16 at Courtyard Banquet

Julia's family used Hurricane for there oldest daughters sweet 16 back in 2015. Julia had a goal to outdo her sister's party. With that goal in mind, Julia needed Hurricane's most energetic and in-tune staff. MC Robert "Maserobbiee" Padovano and DJ Nate brought their high energy to the party making sure Julia's Sweet 16 was better than anyone could have imagined.

dj emcee entertainment High energy MC photographer photography

Traditional Indian Sweet 16 at Doral Arrowwood

Priyanka's Sweet 16 at Doral Arrowwood was filled with culture, dancing, and special performances. DJ Nate kept everyone on the floor by incorporating traditional Indian music while lighting techs illuminated the ballroom with pink uplighting and club lighting.

dj entertainment gobo indian name in lights ny photobooth photography sweet 16 traditional music uplighting videography

Masquerade Sweet 16 at The Imperia Somerset NJ

Nicole celebrated her Sweet 16 at The Imperia in Somerset NJ with MC Dan Toth and DJ Nate as the entertainment team. Nicole and her family are Greek and it was important that special songs for their greek family and guests were played. DJ Nate seamlessly worked these requests into the evening program, keeping all the guest on the floor dancing.

dj lighting MC photography videography

Briel's Victoria's Secret Themed Sweet 16

By combining custom-made design elements that perfectly mimic Victoria's Secret branding and incredible, live entertainment Hurricane was able to exceed Briel's expectations for her Sweet 16.

nightlife lighting photography pink sheraton eatontown hotel sweet 16 uplighting victoria's secret video

Rebekah's Sweet 16 at Trump National Country Club Colts Neck NJ

Rebekah celebrated her Sweet 16 at Trump National Country Club, one of Monmouth county's most luxurious venues. From the amazing grounds to the beautiful ballroom, this venue screams elegance.

dj entertainment MC photography sweet 16 Trump National Country Club

Club Inspired Sweet 16 at The Spring Lake Manor

Sophie wanted to dance the night away at her Club Inspired Sweet 16 and that's exactly what she did! Experienced club DJs provided high-energy house music, remixes, deep-house and top-40 for the party while MC Robbie "Maserobbiee" Padovano brought his unparalleled energy to the event.

club lighting club theme dj MC name in lights photo uplighting video

Arabian Nights Sweet 16 at Battleground Country Club

Angelina transformed Battleground Country Club into her very own Arabian Nights Sweet 16. Hurricane Productions made sure that every aspect of the evening went off without a hitch and brought her vision to life.

arabian nights dj MC nj photography sweet 16

Paris theme Sweet 16 at Jacques Reception Center

Jennifer turned Jacques Reception Center into the perfect Paris themed Sweet 16. Hurricane Productions made sure to deliver not just with outstanding entertainment but also with amazing visuals.

dj Eiffel tower graphics jacques MC name in lights nj Paris sweet 16

Melanie's Masquerade Sweet 16 at Hilton Pearl River

Melanie's masquerade sweet 16 at Hilton Pearl River was truly a night to remember. She wanted a modern sweet 16 but also wanted a hint of a traditional quinceañera.

custom gobo design dj emcee gobo MC name in lights photobooth quinceanera sweet 16

Elise's Sweet 16 Featuring a Nintendo Wii Station

One word to describe Elise's Sweet 16 at The Imperia: BALANCE
Elise and her family wanted to kick off the evening with an elegant introduction featuring a classic father-daughter dance. And when it came time to party, they wanted an over the top high-energy atmosphere.

dj livestream MC new jersey nintendo wii photography projection sweet 16 videography

Julianna's Sweet 16 at Knob Hill Country Club

Julianna and her guests danced the night away at her sweet 16 at Knob Hill Country Club. Julianna, her family, and her court posed outside for portraits, and candid shots. Julianna's night club inspired Sweet 16 was complimented by relevant dance music and lighting effects.

dj knob hill lighting MC name in lights photography sweet 16 TV screens twin totem lighting uplighting videography

Great Gatsby Sweet 16 at The Palace at Somerset Park

From the décor and dress to the cake, this event was all about classic 1920s opulence. Sarah and her family celebrated her Great Gatsby Sweet 16 at The Palace at Somerset Park with the help of Hurricane Productions.

1920s dj gatsby lighting palace at somerset park screens sweet 16

Sky's Sweet 16 at Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort was transformed into Sky's Masquerade Ball. Intelligent lighting effects helped bring the ballroom to life with red uplighting, twin totem dance floor lighting, and a custom "Name in Lights" display.

blue mountain dj lighting name in lights palmerton pennsylvania sweet 16

Keerthana's Sweet 16 at Royce Brook Golf Club

Singing. Dancing. Comedic skits. It's not a variety show; it was Keerthana's Sweet 16! Friends and family celebrated a spectacular celebration of music and culture for Keerthana's birthday at the prestigious Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough Township, NJ.

dj hillsborough lighting royce brook golf club sweet 16

Disney-inspired Sweet 16 at The Bridgewater Manor

Juliana celebrated her Sweet 16 like a true Disney Princess at the Bridgewater Manor. Hurricane Productions helped bring Juliana's celebration to life with entertainment, lighting, photography, and videography as well as Disney theme elements throughout the event space.

bridgewater manor disney theme dj lighting photography sweet 16 uplighting videographer

Rachel's Sweet 16 at Old Tappan Manor

This NJ Sweet 16 transformed The Old Tappan Manor into a pink and gold paradise as Rachel's family and friends gathered in honor of the birthday girl.

mc robbie padovano old tappan manor sweet 16 sweet 16 photography sweet 16 videography

Arabian Nights Sweet 16 at Stanton Ridge Country Club

Take a magic carpet ride and experience this Arabian Nights Sweet 16 which transformed the Stanton Ridge Country Club into an Arabian Nights wonderland for Caitlyn's celebration.

arabian nights lighting photo booth screens sweet 16

Juicy Couture themed Sweet 16 In Lakewood, NJ

Alyssa had a clear vision for her Sweet 16, Juicy Couture. Hurricane Productions brought her theme to life with personalized screen graphics, custom 'name in lights' projections and more.

Elegant Sweet 16 at Our Lady of Fatima

Claudia and her family knew the elegant and classic feel of their Parish could be transformed into an unforgettable Sweet 16, thanks to Hurricane Productions.

Paris Sweet 16 at Roma View Catering

Sara already had a Paris theme in mind for her sweet 16, it only made sense to choose the best entertainment and venue around.

howard beach instagram photography roma view catering sweet 16

The Palace at Somerset Park Sweet 16 Features Step and Repeat

Amanda and her family wanted opulence when planning her Sweet 16. With a combination of accommodation at The Palace at Somerset Park and entertainment by Hurricane Productions, opulence is exactly what they got.

gobo photography sweet 16 the palaca at somerset park

Branches Catering holds Halloween themed Sweet 16

Planning a Sweet 16 can be scary. This was especially true for Alexa's spooky Halloween themed party. The planning process, however, was panic-free, thanks to entertainment by Hurricane Productions.

branches catering halloween photography sweet 16 video

Isabella's Sweet 16 at The Grand Marquis

A snow special effect and a must-watch video. 'Winter in Moscow' - a unique, beautiful theme that fit the guest of honor to a tee. Isabella and her family celebrated her Sweet 16 at the Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, NJ.

dome room hurricane productions old bridge nj sweet 16 video

Danielle's Sweet 16 at The Bethwood

From nightclub-inspired events to families who have a deep heritage in Spanish music, to other cultures that rely on ceremonies to carry their events - Hurricane Productions has interactive and experience entertainers for any environment.

hurricane productions sweet 16 the bethwood totowa nj video

Julya's Sweet 16 at The Rosewood

Julya's Sweet 16 featured all the traditional elements of what would typically be celebrated at a Quinceanera - waltz, changing of the shoes, tiara presentation and more.

edison nj hurricane productions sweet 16 the rosewood video

Lauren's Sweet 16 at Sterling Gardens

Hosted by Hurricane Productions and Sterling Gardens, Lauren's Sweet 16 featured all the entertainment elements that make a complete event - a fun and loving family, club-inspired music, and interactive entertainment.

hurricane productions matawan nj sterling gardens sweet 16 video

Katherine's Sweet 16 at The Heldrich Hotel

Hurricane Productions' Sweet 16 entertainment featuring emcee Benny K.
Katherine's Sweet 16 hosted by the Heldrich Hotel featured a beautiful 'Name in Lights' display, custom video graphics, uplighting and more. All of that and the addition of an emcee, DJ, dancer and lighting designer created a nightclub feel in the heart of downtown New Brunswick, NJ.

hurricane productions new brunswick nj sweet 16 the heldrich video

Camille's Sweet 16 at Forsgate Country Club

Hurricane Productions hosted a traditional Filipino Sweet 16 for the Caballar family. The event featured a number of traditional dances and ceremonies including a choreographed waltz, candle and rose ceremony.
Aside from the traditional elements of the event, Hurricane Productions kept both friends and family dancing throughout the night.

forsgate country club hurricane productions monroe township nj sweet 16 video

Briana's Sweet 16 at PNC Arts Center

Want a nightclub-infused Sweet 16?

Hurricane creates a nightlife environment by utilizing professional, intelligent lighting, personalized animations for multiple plasma screens, personalized lighting monograms, color coordinated uplighting, QSC sound, and exclusive entertainers.

holmdel nj hurricane productions pnc bank arts center sweet 16 video

Natalie's Sweet 16 at The Cherry Valley Country Club

Another view inside a Hurricane Productions Sweet 16 via the company's talented video team.
Natalie was specific about what she wanted. This Sweet 16 carries a lounge, nightclub theme in a country club setting.

cherry valley country club hurricane productions sweet 16

Selena's Quinceanera at The Palace at Somerset Park

Fireworks, interactive entertainment and custom signature enhancements helped Selena celebrate her Quinceanera at the Palace at Somerset Park with unforgettable elegance. All spectrums of music including salsa, meregenue, bachata, and top 40 kept the dance floor invigorated throughout the evening.

hurricane productions quinceanera somerset nj somerset park sweet 16 the palace video

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