Although Hurricane Productions’ website is filled with video testimonials, some clients opt to send e-mails and thank you letters expressing their gratitude.

Raaga’s family was in a bind. They originally booked a reputable DJ company to entertain her Sweet 16 at PNC Reception Center but when the company overbooked themselves for that evening, they released Raaga’s party within six weeks of the event.

Raaga’s mom called Hurricane Productions and not only did owners Vincent and Strato help save the event but Hurricane upped the ante on the other DJ company.

“I don’t and will never understand why DJ companies in our area try to overbook themselves,” said Hurricane Productions owner Vincent Anthony Velasquez. “Maybe they’re worried that the business will come to us. And in this case it did. If you see what we did for Raaga and her family, I’d be worried too.”

Here’s what Madhavi wrote to Hurricane Productions via e-mail after the Sweet 16:

Dear Vincent, Strato and Hurricane Productions crew:

Thank you for doing an amazing job with my daughter Raaga’s Sweet 16 party. Hurricane Productions made Raaga’s vision for her Sweet 16 party a reality and made her dream come true. We are extremely happy with the high energy you brought to the party. Your energy matched Raaga’s and the party turned to be a tremendous success.

I do not think a single guest left the party without telling us how great the party was, and how awesome the DJ entertainment was. It has been 2 weeks since the party, and I still hear how cool the MC, the DJ, and the dancers were, and how much fun they had at the party from everybody who attended the party. Even the Dean of the Upper School remarked to us that the chatter in the upper school for a long time was about the awesome music, dancers, and DJ entertainment at Raaga’s Sweet 16. You were professional, courteous, and the nicest young people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

We had initially booked with [Competing Company] located in Marlboro, NJ, but they overbooked the date and bailed on us six weeks before the party, leaving us in a lurch. We were desperate to find a good DJ company as time was running out.

Finding your company was a blessing in disguise for us. You made it easy for us and addressed our every wish and concern with unparalleled professionalism. I do not think there are enough good superlative adjectives in the dictionary for us to describe your DJ services, and how happy we are with your services. I hope you continue to grow, and wish you continued success in future.

Madhavi Agraharam

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