Vincent Velasquez, Chelsea Rutkowski

We’re all taking the vow to ‘stay home,’ while helping couples plan ‘I do’s’ in the coming months.  

We want to update couples about how COVID-19 is affecting current and future wedding dates.  More specifically, we want to provide insight on how we’ve helped couples postpone and reschedule their weddings.

The big takeaway: We’ve rebooked 100% of weddings that decided to postpone during the CDC’s recommended social distancing period. And we’ve done so while fulfilling each couple’s full suite of services and preferred talent team. 

The ‘2020 boom’ for popular dates shifted to 2021. People are less concerned about their date/year and more concerned about celebrating at a more appropriate time for their vision and the health and safety of their guests. 

It’s ok to feel stressed or emotional about planning your wedding. While emotions run high, put on your business glasses for a moment:

You will start to see a separation between the seasoned, sustainable companies and others. 

There will be a number of small businesses that will not survive this economic interruption in the event industry – that includes wedding companies and solo-preneurs. 

If you don’t make the right choice now, you may find yourself tangled in a contract that won’t be fulfilled or you’ll have to go back to the ‘drawing board’ at a later date.

If there was ever a time to choose wedding professionals with a track record, it’s now.  And that’s not a plug for choosing us. We are happy to recommend others in our industry who are proven professionals. If nothing else, rely on us as a resource. 

Here is what you should expect from us when choosing your wedding team: 

  • Empathy: These conversations are hard. It takes a toll on us, too. You might be speaking to someone by job title, but that person is also a mom, daughter, father or brother. All of us are going through COVID-19 in some way. Let’s talk about it. At the end of the conversation, we want to know you better and move forward with everyone’s best interests in mind. 
  • Flexibility: It’s time to look beyond contracts and ‘do the right thing.’ We’ve transferred all of our couples to new dates without any additional fees. And we’ve come up with common sense solutions that are scalable to all of our couples. In fact, we will continue to reschedule dates until couples are able to successfully celebrate their wedding day.
  • Convenience: Although we have two offices in New Jersey, we are built to successfully work from home. All of our client data is available to us at any time. It is ‘second nature’ for our staff to host phone or video conferences with you. Even during ‘normal’ times, we saw an increase of couples preferring a virtual meeting. We use easy tools for you to schedule an appointment and guide you through our services.
  • Structure: We employ five full-time team members to support our organization and our clients. We manage 30+ independent contractors that fulfill our private event services in the DJ entertainment, video, and photo divisions. Take a deeper dive on our website, you’ll learn more about our talent, our work, and our entire portfolio – past and present. 
  • Sustainability: Our co-founders are confident that our company is solvent no matter which way this virus takes the economy. We have a plan to stay open as an active business while retaining our employees and contractors. Outside of private events, our company is contracted by a number of corporations on retainer agreements that provide predictable revenue during uncertain times. 

If you’re looking for more ideas and thoughts for your wedding day, please visit our ‘Advice’ section of our website. 


Chelsea Rutkowski – General Manager

Vincent Velasquez – Co-Founder and CEO

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