RU Convocations: Fall Convocation / Carnivale

Hurricane Productions’ collaboration with Rutgers University began over 20 years ago, starting with services at the Rutgers University Dance Marathon, a tradition that continues to this day.

As Hurricane Productions expanded and honed its event management expertise, the company became increasingly integrated into the Rutgers ecosystem.

Today, Hurricane Productions offers a wide range of services and solutions to the Rutgers community, handling nearly 60 events and projects annually. These events encompass a diverse array of functions, from smaller athletic and student gatherings to large-scale commencements and presidential addresses.


  • Comprehensive project management

  • On-site event coordination

  • Full-scale event production

  • Lighting design and special effects

  • DJ and MC entertainment for student and athletic events

  • Interactive live polling at student gatherings

  • Innovative projection mapping

  • Professional photography services

  • High-quality video production

  • Seamless livestreaming capabilities

  • Expert content creation and management

Indoor Fireworks

Rutgers University and Hurricane Productions have been producing events since 2007.

The partnership between Hurricane Productions and Rutgers University has had a significant and lasting impact on both parties. The relationship remains strong and mutually beneficial, with Hurricane continuing to deliver innovative solutions for Rutgers University events.

As a result of this ongoing collaboration, Hurricane Productions has gained invaluable experience with higher ed events and expanded its reach to numerous other New Jersey colleges and universities, such as NJCU, TCNJ, and Rutgers satellite campuses and medical schools. This growth demonstrates the positive influence and success of the partnership, paving the way for further opportunities in the higher education sector.

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