As New Jersey’s premier business journal, NJBIZ has been delivering essential business news to the state since 1987. Each year, they host award programs to celebrate the achievements of New Jersey’s top businesses and professionals. NJBIZ is a subsidiary of BridgeTower Media, a national leader in business-to-business news.


Hurricane Productions has aimed to seamlessly integrate with the NJBIZ team to facilitate the planning and execution of their 11 annual award programs.


  • Bi-weekly progress calls with a dedicated project manager.

  • 6-8 week planning cycle per event was put into place.

  • Planning sheets and Run of Show documents were created.

  • NJBIZ also utilizes our Audio and Video Solutions.

NJBIZ live event

NJBIZ considers Hurricane an integral strategic partner and an extension of their internal team.

NJBIZ has been able to transform their eleven awards programs while leaning on the Hurricane Productions team. This relationship has since expanded to other BridgeTower Media entities such as Color Magazine, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, and New Orleans CityBusiness.