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Name in Lights Monogram Gobo

Describe your theme, tell us your favorite fonts, popular designs and we can create your ‘Name in Lights’ or custom wedding monogram projection from scratch. Or we can us your invitation as the inspiration for you 'Name in Lights’ gobo.


Creative lightscaping compliments theme and event colors while bringing life to important elements of any ballroom. Uplighting is not just for the walls.

Spot Lighting and Dance Floor Lighting

The nightclub experience is hot right now, and we do it best. Our entertainers and lighting directors have all participated in the New York City and Atlantic City nightclub scene.

Event Animations

Custom video graphics displayed on high definition screens throughout the night, designed specifically for your event theme and/or decor.

Dancing On The Clouds

Dancing on The Clouds in a feature that has become popular in the past few years. This awesome effect can make your first dance feel as if you are actually dancing on a cloud.

Safe, Indoor Pyrotechnic Special Effects

If you're Looking to wow your guests for an over the top introduction adding Sparkulars is the answer. Sparkular a safe, indoor non-pyrotechnic system. That means no expensive permit required to operate the units.

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin Spot Lighting is a lighting feater to add an extra decor lighting to your tables. Pin Spotting is great to highlight the centerpieces on the table or add extra light to the table.

Lighting Design

Just as much emphasis is dedicated to lighting visuals as it is on entertainment. We rely on an exclusive, professional staff of lighting designers to operate our concert-quality light show throughout the entire night.

Signature Motion Graphics and Animations

This feature is just cool. And honestly, you can’t find event design like this anywhere else.

We create personalized animations to match color scheme and name-in-lights monogram. These animations are displayed on our high definition screens throughout the night.

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