Tyler Ajamian

drone pilot videographer

Tyler Ajamian began working with Hurricane Production in March 2017. This talented videographer is completely self-taught and learned how to film and edit videos by through online courses, YouTube tutorials, and working with other producers.

While he was a Rutgers University undergrad, video production was the furthest thing from Tyler's mind. He pursued a few different majors like engineering, business, and exercise science. Soon, he was given the opportunity to work for a video production company in Princeton, and despite his lack of experience in production, he accepted the offer because it seemed more interesting than his projected job field.

Tyler began as a production assistant, helping with lighting and audio on sets. With more time and experience, he began filming and editing videos, and eventually he assumed the role of Lead Videographer for the company. After a few years, Tyler purchased his personal video equipment to pursue this passion on his own.

"I’ve always loved to travel, which is when I began documenting my personal experiences," he explains. "Soon, a few friends of mine asked me to create content for their e-commerce apparel website. In doing so, I built my personal brand as well as a substantial portfolio for myself. I decided to forgo my engineering major and pursue videography. I haven’t looked back since."

Tyler enjoys filming in the lively environments of Hurricane events, whether that’s Rutgers Dance Marathon, Beats on the Banks, or other events that involve music, dancing, and fun. Like many creative professionals, Tyler thrives on the collaboration and skills that everyone on the Hurricane team brings to the table.

"There’s such a wide breath of creative talent throughout the entire team," says Tyler. "Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses that work so well together to take on the project at hand."

Whenever Tyler is on a shoot or editing a project, he always challenges himself to learn more and try something new so he can excel at his craft.

"As a videographer, my goal is to capture the best moments and share my client’s story or message in the most visually-compelling way possible," he says. 

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