Grace’s Sweet 16 at Neshanic Valley Golf Course turned an elegant golf club into a high energy dance party. Neshanic Valley Golf Course is most known for their amazing grounds and breathtaking views. The main ballroom features a wrap around deck for outdoor cocktail hour with views of the expansive grounds. Neshanic’s partnership with Merri-Makers Caterers makes it possible to have a wide variety of events like sweet 16’s hosted at the venue. Marri-Makers has been in business since 1978.

Grace wore a gorgeous blue dress with rhinestone accents topped with a princess tiara. The members of Grace’s court all wore white dresses to complement the birthday girl. The fellas wore white dress shirts and deep blue vests to match not only the birthday girl but the court as well.

Grace’s theme for her sweet 16 was “Winter Wonderland” – Hurricane Productions provided a personalized name-in-lights and custom motion graphic for the LED TV’s to bring the theme to life.


To give the birthday girl that high energy atmosphere Hurricane matched Grace up with MC Robbie.

With Hurricane DJs’ sense of reading any crowd and Robbie’s outgoing personality, the entertainment team was a perfect match for Grace and her friends.

The day was captured by the Hurricane Productions media team. Hurricane’s Photographers and Videographers arrived an hour before the event start. When the birthday girl, her family, and court arrived they were able to begin their portrait session leaving them with the rest of the night to party.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of entertainment and media services for special events. To learn more about pricing for our Sweet 16 packages, visit the Hurricane Productions Sweet 16 Pricing page.