[vc_column]Sivon Pichoto has been editing videos for Hurricane Productions since June 2018. She is naturally creative and has worked in graphic design most of her life, so learning video was an easy leap – but it was one she made somewhat accidentally.

In 2016, Sivon stepped in to film a wedding when a cinematographer for her then-boyfriend’s entertainment company cancelled at the last minute. Despite knowing nothing about video, she filmed the entire wedding on her own (with a little help). She had a lot of fun, made a great video, and the rest is history.

“I knew from that first wedding that I could only get better from there,” Sivon says.

Sivon loves being a part of people’s special moments and making them come alive through video. She aims to treat every family as if they were her own, so whenever she shoots or edits, she makes sure that it’s something she would want to watch if it were her own family.

What Sivon likes most about working with Hurricane is the friendly and flexible team that’s always willing to share their expertise.

“You feel like a family right away, even if you only work with them part-time,” Sivon adds.

Aside from her passion for videography, Sivon also loves snowboarding, and aspires to be an author one day.

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