Kevin Lin is a full-time Video Producer at Hurricane Productions and MediaCutlet. His work is primarily focused on corporate, higher education, and event-based videos while helping manage our company’s internal media.

Kevin was drawn to video editing and media production after watching his older brother create videos with his small Flip video camera growing up. In high school, he took his first video production classes, which sparked his passion for creating content. 

“I was fortunate enough to have a teacher [who] encouraged me to pursue a degree in filmmaking, and ever since then, I have been hyper-focused on my skills, and I’m always learning new things even in my downtime,” says Kevin.

Before joining HPMC, Kevin worked various jobs, from freelancing to corporate product editing. These experiences afforded him the opportunity to attend events and talk with small business owners in the Rutgers University/New Brunswick area.

As the son of a small business owner himself, Kevin wanted to move away from corporate product editing and jump into a more creative role. So when HPMC reached out to him, he was excited to be able to work with higher education videos that would benefit Rutgers University. 

“Throughout the years, I have been developing my editing skills to be able to work quickly but efficiently with quick intuition on what works aesthetically,” Kevin said. 

In addition to video editing, Kevin also enjoys playing video games and spending time with friends. 

“I also run my own freelance videography business that works with local businesses and nonprofits to create content,” he says. “Additionally, I co-own a nonprofit film festival called East Brunswick Independent Film Festival (EB Indie for short). We hope to be able to bring EB Indie to great heights in the near future with our efforts to breathe new life into community arts and culture as a whole!”

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