Dave Costantini was one of the first photo/video professionals to join the Hurricane Productions team. He connected with founders Vincent and Strato during their time at Rutgers University together more than a decade ago. Dave was doing freelance photography and videography as a side business at the time, and in 2010, he accepted his first gig with Hurricane.

“In the very beginning, my role was to shoot events and get watermarked photos up on Facebook super quick after so people could tag themselves and share on social media – free exposure for the company,” he says. “That eventually evolved into an actual service later on.”

Dave’s interest in visual media started long before college, though. He first picked up a camera around age 13 and was instantly hooked. He continued to hone his skills, which eventually snowballed into bigger opportunities to work in photo and video.

“Photos and video give you the ability to tell a story, and that’s extremely powerful,” says Dave. “It became a part of me that has shaped my entire life.”

A true renaissance man, Dave started his own DJ company as a teenager, and later began to offer video production, clothing, website services, artist sponsorships, and more. That’s why he’s done a little bit of everything for Hurricane Productions, including DJing and emceeing, editing, web design, modeling, and even rapping.

Although the Hurricane team has changed and evolved since Dave first joined, he says it still feels like family – one that’s always synced up and on the same wavelength about everything.  

“Being able to complement people is key to this industry, whether it’s photo and video or DJing and emceeing,” Dave says. “It’s amazing to watch how in sync this team is all while being able to have fun. Vin and Strato have always been invested in a people-first approach, and that definitely comes through.”

As a creative professional, Dave’s favorite thing about his work is capturing moments. He’s always happy to cover everything on a client’s shot list, but he’s there to capture those special moments that you won’t see in every album following an event.

“Snagging one of those is why I continue to do this,” says Dave.

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