Dan Toth started his career with Hurricane Productions/Media Cutlet around 10 years ago. Since then, he’s worked as both an intern and a freelancer for HP/MC and has now moved into a full-time role as Director of Programs and Partnerships. 

From a very young age, Dan has had an interest in media and event production. As a singer/performer and artist himself, he’s always found processes like event marketing and live event production fascinating and has had the opportunity to work at many different places focusing on both. He has experience running his own boutique live event and audio production company, Audio Riot Music, and working on projects for clients such as Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Celine Dion, and Metallica, to name a few.

“I am so excited to take all of the experiences that I have gained so far and bring them to the table here at Hurricane Productions/Media Cutlet,” says Dan. “Above all, the most important skills that I have picked up on my journey, and will always be working on improving, are effective communication and patience.”

As an undergraduate, Dan had the opportunity to work with Hurricane Productions at numerous Rutgers University events, including new student orientation events and the Rutgers Dance Marathon charity event. He made the decision to transfer to Rutgers to finish his degree program specifically because of the work he did with Hurricane and RUDM.

“Given all of the events I was participating in and helping to run at Rutgers, it only made sense to transfer there for the rest of my undergrad experience,” he says.

Since then, Dan has been an integral part of Hurricane’s growth and relationships within the Rutgers community. As a student, he served as an assistant director of entertainment for RUDM for two years and has continued to be involved with this annual event since 2014. 

“Being an AD for the entertainment team at RUDM was an experience that I’ll never forget,” says Dan. “I’ve taken many of the skills and lessons I learned and still apply them to my personal and professional life today; it was truly a rewarding experience.”

In his new role at Hurricane, Dan hopes to help create new opportunities for the growth of the company by continuing to grow established connections in his network and meeting new clients through future projects. He’s also excited about returning to work at such a close-knit team like HP/MC.

“This is a close team of passionate and talented people,” says Dan. “They helped really ignite a passion for live events within me, which helped me foster skills that I would later use to create my own company and further my career. I am truly excited and humbled for the opportunity to join this fantastic team again in a full-time capacity.”

When he’s not working, Dan still finds a way to focus on growing his knowledge of media studies. He’s currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program through Birmingham City University studying audio production. He also loves to listen to and write music in addition to watching Netflix and playing with his pet birds and cat.

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