[vc_column]Amanda Jones works full-time in collegiate athletics media and began working on occasional Hurricane Productions projects in June of 2018. As a videographer and editor, she shoots and edits footage from our Sweet 16s and Weddings.

Amanda discovered her interest in videography and editing during her time as a Rutgers undergrad when she started filming games for Rutgers Athletics. Soon after, she met a Hurricane videographer at a Rutgers event and learned more about the company.

“Though I was involved in many aspects of live broadcasts and highlight clips for Rutgers sports teams, I wanted to expand my abilities as a videographer and an editor, which is why I applied for a job with Hurricane,” Amanda says.

As a professional, Amanda’s main concern is putting out the best possible product she can create. That’s part of the reason she enjoys working with the Hurricane team – she is able to bounce ideas off of other experienced editors and exercise creative liberty with her edits.

In her spare time, Amanda loves to travel and discover new people and places. Her goal is to road-trip across the U.S. and make her way across Europe.

“My favorite thing to do is to bring a camera with me and walk around new cities getting photos and videos and creating travel videos of all the places I’ve been,” she adds.

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