Alvin Gay has been working as a Hurricane Productions DJ for the last six years. A self-described “party-dancing guy,” he fell in love with the DJ culture when he began frequenting NYC clubs. Prior to joining our team, Alvin worked private events, as well as in bars, clubs, and lounges in New York and Philadelphia.

As a DJ with varied musical tastes and Cuban/Haitian family roots, Alvin truly values the cultural diversity of the events and clientele that Hurricane attracts.

“No two gigs are the same,” he says. “And of course, I love the people and culture of the actual staff here. We’re similar to a small family.”

While Alvin can’t name just one favorite event, he enjoys being a part of projects where the team can push the envelope in terms of production, such as Rutgers’ annual Club Alex and the Ray Catena Audi Q5 launch event.

“I love when we figure out a way to provide the client what they may have envisioned without placing the burden on them,” Alvin explains.

Alvin prides himself on punctual and professional with his clients, but that doesn’t mean he won’t let loose once he’s at the DJ booth.

“I love a good time,” he says. “I’m a bit of a goof and a ‘funny-guy.'”

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