Safe, Indoor Pyrotechnic Special Effects

sparkular special effects

If you're Looking to wow your guests for an over the top introduction adding Sparkulars is a great option. Sparkular a safe, indoor non-pyrotechnic system. That means no expensive permit required to operate the units. This system is neither hazardous nor explosive. When the Sparkular machine is activated fountain for cool to the touch sparks shoot out anywhere from 10-15 feet depending on the high of the ceiling in the room. Just for precaution, Sparkular units feature an emergency stop tilt function. It automatically stops the fountain of sparks if the machine is tipped over or tilted more than 45 degrees.

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin Spotting is perfect for highlighting centerpieces on tables.

The feature is a premium lighting upgrade to add ambiance and mood. The incorporation of Pin Spotting allows the venue to turn down the house-lights creating an intimate setting for your wedding guests.

Pin Spotting with Hurricane Productions means a dedicated lighting designer will strategically place and focus lighting on each table.

To find out more, check out Hurricane Productions wedding pricing or use this short form.

The Warehouse (CO2 Cryo Jets)

club lighting club theme CO2 sweet 16 The Lab wedding

Pyrotechnics have long occupied the spotlight for being the most impressive visual production element one can add to a show, but the permits and regulations involved make its effects difficult to incorporate into most small and medium sized events.  The danger with pyrotechnics is obviously the heat and fire involved.  What if you could achieve similarly impressive effects without the heat? Look no further than CO2.  You'll find cryo-cannons at all major electronic dance concerts around the world; we can bring this effect to your event.

Watch this video for a glimpse into the visual "wow" factor CO2 can add to your event.

Name in Lights Monogram Gobo


Your name, design and theme is never duplicated for another event.

What separates Hurricane Productions and its competitors is that each ‘Name in Lights’ design is made only for your event.

Describe your theme, tell us your favorite fonts, popular designs and we can create your ‘Name in Lights’ or custom wedding monogram projection from scratch. Or we can us your invitation as the inspiration for you 'Name in Lights’ gobo.

Each design is approved by our wedding couples and private event clientele.  And every design is unique to your event.



Our creative Lighting Designers compliments the theme and event colors while bringing life to important elements of any ballroom. Uplighting is not just for the walls it can be used in many ways.

Spot Lighting and Dance Floor Lighting


We don’t rely on the lights to simply just ‘move to the music’ or flash when the ‘beat drops.’ Our lighting is far from basic. Just as much emphasis is dedicated to lighting visuals as it is on entertainment. We rely on an exclusive, professional staff of lighting designers to operate our concert-quality light show throughout the entire night.

For weddings, we focus on lighting decor and accent lighting. We want your wedding to feel like a professional and polished show. From your entrance to spotlight dances, we use pinpoint lighting scenes to enhance your photo and video visuals.

For Sweet 16, we focus lighting more on enhancing a theme or creating a nightclub atmosphere.

We're not limited to the private event space - our production staff provides lighting for concerts, shows, and other live events.


Dance Floor Lighting

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