2020 wedding trends

At Hurricane Productions, we talk with a lot of engaged couples and other wedding vendors every day. Based on recent conversations, the industry is gearing up for an explosion of weddings next year: Many popular 2020 wedding dates are already booked solid.

Several couples who got engaged in early 2019 have told us that very few venues had their chosen 2020 date available. One couple’s venue even encouraged them to make their decision quickly, because another couple was ready to book the same date.

Why is 2020 such a popular year for weddings?

While there’s no definitive answer as to why so many couples are choosing 2020 for their wedding date, we have a few working theories:

  1. Millennials are at peak marrying age. Recent statistics indicate that the average American gets married in their late 20s — specifically, age 27.8 for women and 29.8 for men. Most millennials, who were born in the early 1980s and mid-1990s, are currently at or approaching this age. They are about to become the largest living generation, which could explain the current boom in millennial marriages.
  2. “2020” is memorable and looks nice on paper. Couples love to choose wedding dates that are easy to remember or have some kind of symmetry or repetition to them when you write it out. It’s hard to deny that “2020” looks great on invitations and wedding decor!
  3. It’s an important year. 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, a presidential election year, the next Summer Olympics, a leap year, and more. Why not add “your wedding” to the list of exciting events happening next year?

In terms of 2020 wedding planning trends, we’ve noticed a few emerging themes among New Jersey couples. Expect to see a lot more daytime and Sunday wedding receptions, engagement brunches, minimal or natural decor, unique wedding locations, and even nods to cannabis over the next year.

Popular 2020 wedding dates

Next year is shaping up to be our busiest one yet. We already have many 2020 weddings on our books — at the time of writing, we have just one weekend in May 2020 available! Slots throughout the summer and fall are continuing to fill up, especially in months where the 20th falls on a weekend (couples really love repetition in their wedding date!). We are also seeing a lot of Halloween weddings, since this holiday happens to be a Saturday next year.

According to forum sites and our own calendar, here are a few more popular 2020 wedding dates:

  • Sun. 2/2/2020
  • Fri. 2/14/2020 (Valentine’s Day)
  • Sun. 5/24/2020 (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • Sat. 6/13/2020
  • Sun. 6/14/2020
  • Sat. 6/20/2020
  • Sat. 7/4/2020 (4th of July)
  • Sun. 9/20/2020
  • Sat. 10/10/2020
  • Sat. 10/31/2020 (Halloween)
  • Fri. 11/20/2020
  • Sun. 12/20/2020

Don’t wait: Book your 2020 wedding vendors now

If you’re recently engaged and planning to follow the traditional 12 to 18-month engagement period, you don’t want to miss out on a popular 2020 wedding date by waiting to book your vendors. We — and many other local wedding venues and service providers — are booking up fast for next year. We encourage you to reach out and speak with potential vendors as soon as possible so you can ensure they’re available for your special day.

Getting married in January or February 2020? We’re available for last-minute bookings — and we’re offering 10% off wedding photography, videography, and entertainment packages for those months! Request a quote or fill out the form below for more details.

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