Park Avenue Bistro in Freehold, NJ hosted Justina’s Sweet 16. With the help of Hurricane Productions, the venue created a memorable evening for Justina and her family.

The benefits of booking your event with Park Avenue Bistro is that the venue already installed intelligent lighting, uplighting, and high-definition LCD screens for use with your DJ company.

The difference between using Hurricane Productions or other DJ entertainment at the Park Avenue Bistro is that Hurricane includes custom name graphics for the screens and also adds an electrician-certified lighting technician to each event. These personalized touches add ‘next-level’ professionalism to any Hurricane Productions event.

Hurricane’s creative professionals design a signature graphic for each event. The company’s lighting technicians control the lighting in the entire room. They can set the uplighting to specific colors and control the intelligent lighting to spotlight special dances and create a club-like atmosphere on the dance floor.

Although the Park Avenue Bistro offers a ‘house’ DJ company to its potential clients, you always have a choice when it comes to DJ entertainment. Hurricane Productions offers a high energy product with exclusive features.

Hurricane’s philosophy is to book just one event per evening – shifting the company’s complete attention to your event on that given date.

Check Hurricane Productions’ Facebook for recent photos and videos. You can now check Hurricane’s availability and receive a free price quote via Facebook. Just click the ‘Availability’ tab on

Hurricane Productions is ‘Event Innovation.’ Learn more about Hurricane Productions at and

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