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Someone tagged you in this post because you’re engaged and planning a 2023-2024 wedding. It’s time to get to work: Set a date, pick a venue, book vendors, find your dress, etc.

Hurricane Productions helps hundreds of tri-state area couples celebrate their big day with DJ, Photo, Video, and Livestreaming services. Our full-time staff recently compiled this list of NJ wedding trends.

Wedding Livestreaming

2020 has been the year of wedding livestreaming, and this trend is here to stay. Your out-of-town and older guests may be wary about traveling and attending in-person gatherings during the pandemic, so livestreaming is the perfect way to include them in your special day from the comfort of their home.

Hurricane Productions has helped many couples adapt their wedding plans this year and set up a private, professional livestream for their wedding ceremony, complete with guest login instructions and real-time chat functionality. Even after travel and larger gatherings are safe again, we believe livestreaming will be the best way to have everyone you love share in your big day, even if they can’t be there in-person.

NJ Wedding Live on Youtube - livestreamed wedding ceremony

Backyard Weddings

Another pandemic-inspired wedding trend? The rise of DIY backyard weddings.

Outdoor celebrations are the perfect way to accommodate social distancing guidelines with a larger crowd than an indoor venue might be able to accommodate. Best of all, it’s much more cost-effective to host an event at someone’s home than renting a hall or ballroom.

While this type of wedding is weather-dependent, we expect to see many Spring, Summer, and early Fall 2021 couples opting for a homespun celebration.


If you’re reading this in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania: Recreational cannabis isn’t legal yet. But it’s coming. And couples are drawing from cannabis wedding ideas in states where it is legal and anticipating that they can incorporate it in all aspects of their wedding day including decor, favors and dessert. This is one of our top NJ wedding trends you’ll want to watch closely as Election Day 2020 approaches.

cannabis wedding trends and details

Brunch and Daytime Weddings

Evening receptions are still preferred by many, but as 2021 and 2022 dates fill up from 2020’s postponed celebrations, more couples are opting for late morning and afternoon weddings. There are a few good reasons to consider a daytime reception. First, many venues offer incentives for off-peak events, like a discounted per-head rate or no minimum guest count. It also may be more convenient for your guests to head home in the early evening, rather than 11 p.m. or midnight. The biggest advantage? You’ll be able to take advantage of more daylight hours for gorgeous, well-lit wedding photos and videos.

nj wedding trends - engagement brunch buffet

Unique Locations

Wineries, barns, and historical villages are all on the list of locations today’s NJ couples are considering for their celebrations, as it’s easier to social-distance at a venue with plenty of usable outdoor space. You can check out a few of these gorgeous NJ wedding backdrops we’ve captured if you need some inspiration.

library wedding ceremony

Minimalist Aesthetic

The price tag on a wedding can skyrocket quickly, so couples are saving their budget for the important stuff (e.g. the venue and vendors) and going minimal on their wedding details. WeddingWire says the “bold, minimalist look” can be seen everywhere — invitations, florals, table settings, cakes, and even wedding dresses. Many wedding experts say modern brides have been inspired by Meghan Markle’s simple but sophisticated Givenchy Royal Wedding gown, leading them to embrace minimalist attire for their big day.

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