When a family decides to have a party – whether a Sweet 16 or a wedding – it always brings all different types of relatives and friends together in one location. As you can tell from our blog and our websites, Hurricane Productions prides itself in being able to work in this versatile atmosphere.

You can shop around to other DJ entertainment companies but before you do, take a look at the video in this post. This is proof that we can get all ages, genders and ethnicities together on the dance floor through music.

Courtney (our Sweet 16 guest of honor) had her friends on the dance floor, her parents (Mike and Denise) enjoyed dancing with their relatives and friends and even Courtney’s grandfather got up with all ages to join in the fun.

That’s not all. Pay close attention to the music in the background. Grandpa danced to songs like “Tik Tok” by Keisha and “Don’t Stop Believing” by George Lamond.

How did we do it? We met with the family at their kitchen table a week before the Sweet 16. We didn’t send a sales person or a Hurricane representative. Courtney’s entertainers – Strato and Vincent – traveled south from their office in Manalapan down Route 9 to Courtney’s kitchen in Howell, NJ.

We take vested interest in personalizing each event and it’s not just something we say on the phone – we act on our words!

At Courtney’s kitchen table we went over everything that was going to happen at her Sweet 16 – her grand introduction, her father/daughter dance guests, her older sibilings, grandparents, and her Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony.

And after it was all over, Courtney’s dad says it all in the video, “You guys just made it so high energy and everything we talked about tonight…it all came true. It was as great as we could have imagined.”

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