Nicole and Sean’s McLoone’s Pier House Wedding

Paint a picture of your perfect Autumn beach day — a slight breeze wisps in a chill, warmed by bright sunlight and good company. 

That’s the kind of weather that visited Nicole and Sean on their wedding day in Long Branch, NJ in early November.

Nicole and Sean exchanged vows at The Bungalow Hotel followed by a brunch reception at McLoone’s Pier House. Hurricane Productions provided full-day photography and videography coverage. 

Photographer Corynn Egreczky guided the couple through their prep, first look, ceremony and reception.

Videographer Markus Robinson and Sean will share a bond forever — Markus split his pants while on the gig and had to borrow a pair from Sean to get through the day. Sean has since gotten his pants back. But LOL. 

As an add-on, the newlyweds also rented our attended Photo Booth for their McLoone’s Pier House wedding. The booth includes a prop box, unlimited prints, a USB drive and download link of all photos, and a keepsake scrapbook for the couple.

When Nicole and Sean flip through their photos, watch their video, and read this blog, we hope they smile with happiness from their wedding day because of the memories they created with family and friends (and the help of our talented staff).

But the pair are an integral part of creating memories for other couples, too.

Lightning Media Partners — a company co-owned by the couple — helps Hurricane create content for all our wedding and private event clients. You can read their work on this blog and on our advice page.

And no, we didn’t ask them to write a blog for their own wedding. 

Vincent Velasquez

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