Juliana celebrated her Sweet 16 like royalty at the Bridgewater Manor in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Most little girls dream of being a princess – and sometimes, they grow up to become one, even if just for a night at their Sweet 16.

To bring her Disney princess theme to life, Hurricane Productions and other vendors provided personalized elements.

  • Cinderella Coach Centerpieces
  • Gorgeous Castle-topped Cake
  • Candle holder Juliana’s name written in Disney lettering
  • Tinkerbell-inspired Ballgown and Shoes
  • Custom Graphics and Lighting Design by Hurricane Productions

Hurricane Productions helped bring Juliana’s celebration to life with entertainment, lightingphotography, and videography. Director of Operations, Nick Nittoli set the ballroom aglow with cyan uplighting, twin totem lighting, and animated screen graphics to match the princess theme on large LED TVs.

MC Robert Padovano kept Juliana’s friends and family on the dance floor, while Hurricane’s media team captured portraits, candid shots and filmed moments throughout the night.

What made Juliana’s Sweet 16 particularly magical was the lantern send-off at the end of the night.

The birthday girl and her guests went outside to light paper lanterns and released them into the night sky.