Think about a disposable camera on the center of a table at an event.

Now reach into your pocket or bag. Grab your iPhone or Droid. Open Instagram.

The cameras built into smartphones are better than disposable (and most point-and-shoots), are at your disposal at all times and act as a hub for sharing pictures with family and friends.

Snap an Instagram photo. Share it.

With the help of Instagram – a popular, photo-sharing social medium – Hurricane Pulse allows all of your guests share and print photos in real-time at a private event, capturing a completely unique perspective.

That’s right – print Instagram photos at your event.

Here’s how it works:

  • Through our service, you can purchase a unique Instagram hashtag for your event.
  • We help you promote that Instagram hashtag with the use of our screens and cards placed on your tables.
  • We create personalized designs and animations for use with our screens to promote the Instagram hashtag at your event.
  • As your guests snap pics with Instagram, we stream them straight to our screens and print them out at stations in the venue.

Promoting a unique hashtag at your event, while streaming Instagram photos to our screens, entices user interaction and more of your guests to contribute. Your guests are going to use Instagram with our without Hurricane Pulse, but adding Pulse to your event gives everyone a unified, digital coffee table to gather around and share photos.

Hurricane Pulse allows you to reallocate your photobooth or other photography budget to a more innovative option for your private event.