This map shows the reach of Hurricane's Instagram followers.

This map shows the reach of Hurricane’s Instagram followers.

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Hurricane Productions is visual. And despite its strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is where Hurricane Productions really found its niche.

With over 10,000 followers and counting all over the world, Hurricane Productions is a major player on a platform that boasts over 100 million active users.

“For me, exploring Instagram has confirmed something I always thought to be true about human nature,” said Hurricane co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Strato Doumanis. “We are visual beings and hold visuals in higher regard than any other form of media or communication.”

A recent study released by Simply Measured showed that 54-percent of top brands use Instagram with 41% of those brands posting at least one photo per week to their feeds.

Hurricane doesn’t just post photos for selfish promotion. The company encourages recruitment and collaboration with other creative people.

“Exposing the right visuals to the right people has created more connections for us as a company than any other social media platform,” said Doumanis.

Hurricane’s Instagram following is larger than most newspapers and media outlets around the country. It even surpasses name brands like Pepsi Max and Jaguar.

Hurricane monetizes its Instagram following via its “Hurricane Pulse” concept.

Available in the corporate and private event market, Pulse capitalizes on using unique hashtags to stream photos live to video boards/screens as well as print photos as favors.

In short, its an edgy and modern approach to a traditional photo booth.

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