Wedding couple admire each other

Some may look no further than a cup of coffee at a local bookstore for a romantic date.

But now imagine a bookstore as the storybook backdrop for your wedding day.

Gillian and Charles – who met in a Creative Writing class at Rutgers University – did just that. They chose Housingworks Bookstore in Manhattan for their ceremony and reception.

Hurricane Productions captured the day in photo and video, and also provided DJ entertainment.

Dave Costantini  — one of the company’s most sought-after wedding photographers — caught every moment from bridal prep to last dance while other members of Hurricane’s media team stepped behind the lens to capture video in a low-light setting.

Housingworks Bookstore is quaint, but what it lacks in size is made up for in ambiance. DJ Alvin Gay used Technic 1200 turntables to pay homage to the art of DJing in such a cool space. DJ Alvin helped the couple musically plan their ceremony and continuously played their requests through cocktail hour and the reception.

The couple used Hurricane’s extensive online planning tools to work alongside Alvin to create their perfect playlist.

Hurricane Productions provides entertainment, photography and videography for weddings in the Tri-State Area.  To learn more, check out our pricing page or request a quote.

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