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Unless you decide to elope, there’s no avoiding family opinions your wedding plans. Everyone has their two cents on which traditions you should follow, what kind of venue you should choose, what your centerpieces should look like, etc.

Your wedding is a celebration that reflects the two of you as a couple, so you and your fiance need to decide how you’ll handle this unsolicited advice, and get on the same page about when you should — and shouldn’t — take other people’s opinions into consideration.

Here are a few good strategies for keeping the peace (and your cool) when you receive family opinions on your wedding.

How to tactfully deal with unsolicited family opinions on your wedding

1. Set boundaries up front.

As soon as you announce your engagement, you’ll get tons of questions about your wedding, from the date and venue to the color scheme and floral arrangements. Sometimes, answering these questions opens the door for well-intentioned friends and relatives to share their own thoughts and tell you what they did for their wedding.

The best thing you can do here is set boundaries from the beginning. You may wish to tell family members that you appreciate their insights, but you don’t want to share any details about your plans right now. You can even tell them you want to keep your plans a surprise for guests to enjoy on the big day!

2. If a family member wants to help financially, define their role in the planning process.

When it comes to paying for a wedding, expenses don’t always fall along the traditional “bride’s parents” and “groom’s parents” lines anymore. Some couples pay for the entire wedding themselves, while others have one or both families chip in for certain elements of the wedding.

This is where things can get a little tricky. Family members who are helping finance your wedding often feel that because they’re paying, they should have final say over the details (even though it’s your wedding day!). To avoid any drama and hurt feelings, it helps to define roles before any money changes hands.

One simple solution is to delegate a single aspect of the planning process to each family member who wants to help financially. This helps you clearly outline the planning responsibilities and gives you a built-in excuse to ward off other people’s input.

Let’s say your mom is paying for floral arrangements and your future mother-in-law is covering the welcome bags for your out-of-town guests. Only your mom gets to weigh in on the flowers, and only your mother-in-law gets to share her thoughts on the welcome bags. As long as you’re consistent and encourage everyone involved to “stay in their lane,” you should be able to avoid major conflicts of opinion between family members.

3. Determine where you’re willing to compromise.

Sometimes, you and your fiance will need to compromise with your family members. That’s why it’s good to talk about your “must-haves” together. You can both decide which aspects of your wedding you want full control over before you open the floor to family opinions on your wedding.

For example, if you both decide investing in video is non-negotiable and you have a specific vendor in mind, you can plan your budget accordingly to make sure you’re able to cover this vendor yourself. If, on the other hand, you don’t really feel strongly about what type of wedding favors you have, you can ask an eager family member to chip in there and help you make your decision.

If your families are helping out in a big way and paying for the majority of your wedding, you may need to be a little more flexible on your areas of compromise, depending on their budget. Ultimately, the more you can communicate with your family about your wedding vision and how you’d like them to help, the smoother the planning process will be for all of you.

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