Over the years, Hurricane Productions and our sister brand MediaCutlet have helped numerous clients capture and broadcast their live events to audiences everywhere. Now that the demand for event livestreaming is higher than ever, we’re leveraging our digital media expertise to help private and corporate clients take their in-person events into the virtual realm.

Why use an event livestreaming service?

At its most basic level, livestreaming requires a smartphone and a social media app. But the audio and visual quality of a smartphone livestream can’t match that of professional-grade sound and video equipment — and when you’re broadcasting something as important as a wedding or graduation ceremony, you don’t want a poor viewer experience.

Hurricane’s cutting-edge video cameras, speaker systems, combined with the expertise of our team of AV professionals, means your event will be streamed in the highest available quality with enhanced viewer features like a private chat platform, pre-event training, and tutorial collateral for your guests.

Livestreamed events by Hurricane Productions

A few of our recent livestreamed events include:

East Brunswick High School’s 2020 graduation ceremonies

Hurricane and MediaCutlet provided audio services, video, and livestream capabilities for East Brunswick High School’s four graduation ceremonies over the course of two days. Each ceremony had its own YouTube link where family and friends could chat during the event.

Cari and Nik’s wedding ceremony

Cari and Nik postponed their original wedding date for COVID-19 and decided to have a socially-distant waterfront wedding ceremony. The couple received two camera angles with video streaming to a private YouTube link. A chat feature was available for family and friends to send their good wishes to the newlyweds.

Livestream your next event

Hurricane Productions and MediaCutlet are proud to offer a variety of event livestreaming services for private and corporate clients. Our private event livestreaming packages start at $495 for a single-camera private stream to YouTube or Facebook. Choose from our optional upgrades and enjoy a 10% discount for bundling with our event videography services.

For corporate events, we’ll provide a custom quote for all your virtual event needs, including multi-platform livestreaming, interactive audience elements, event marketing, and more.

Contact us to get a quote for your livestreamed event.

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