Nate Hawley: Hurricane DJ and MediaCutlet Web Developer

In 2014, Nathan “Nate Tunes” Hawley was a sophomore studying Information Technology and Informatics at the Rutgers University. He connected with Hurricane Productions and joined our team as a student DJ at the university events we worked.

Nate quickly became known across campus for spinning tunes at a variety of Rutgers Athletic events, including football games (he’s the “Official DJ of Rutgers Football”), wrestling matches, and gymnastics meets.

Raised on classic house vinyl, Nate brought his multi-genre musical knowledge to many Rutgers Student Affairs events, as well as the annual Rutgers University Dance Marathon and Club Alex events. His talents behind the DJ booth at RU turned him into a highly-requested entertainer at Hurricane’s weddings, Sweet 16s, and other private events.

But Nate isn’t just a DJ — this talented web developer has brought his education and practical tech skills into an expanded role with our sister brand, MediaCutlet.

About a year and a half ago, our co-founder and CTO Strato reached out to Nate see if he had some extra time to assist with web clients.

“At first I was mostly doing simple updates but as I worked with more clients, the work became more complex,” Nate said. “The bi-weekly projects I had started matured to the point where I can now dedicate a good chunk of my week to them.”

Today, Nate frequently works on web development projects for our corporate clients, which vary in scale from routine site maintenance to complete new builds.

“I have previous experience with web work so it’s been a great transition as I pick up new tips from Strato and can contribute solutions to problems the team or clients may run into online,” said Nate. “I have been working with the team for over 6 years now so it’s been great to grow my role as I pick up new skills. It’s like working with family at this point.”

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