Dan Toth

hurricane productions lighting sweet 16 wedding

Dan Toth started working with Hurricane Productions when he was 17. At the time, he was searching for a gig to advance his knowledge and experience in the entertainment field. He approached Hurricane about collaborating after we worked his family member’s Sweet 16 celebration.

They ran the event so smoothly and professionally,” says Dan. “They were also introducing some innovative ideas that I thought were great, which is why I took an interest in them. I approached them, we connected, and the rest is history.”

Since a very young age, Dan has been writing music and singing. His extensive background in entertainment includes major market radio, live music, emceeing, performing, writing, event production, event and artist management, etc. Being able to draw from different parts of the industry allows him to bring a significant amount of experience to the table.

Dan has always been fascinated by the entertainment industry, and while he doesn’t know what exactly drew him to the field, he knows that he belongs in it. In fact, he gave up a seven-year stint in ATV racing in favor of a music and entertainment career.

“It simply just felt right, so I have been pursuing it ever since,” he says.

Since joining the team, Dan has worked with us on events like Rutgers Dance Marathon, which ultimately inspired him to transfer to Rutgers University to finish his undergraduate degree. Through this and other Hurricane events, he was able to connect with new people and embrace the opportunities that came his way.

Dan says he feels at-home among the Hurricane team. He is constantly learning and growing with like-minded individuals who want to see each other excel.

“The most beautiful thing about the team is that we are all aware that we can always keep learning and keep getting better, which is what allows us all to continue to grow,” he says.

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