Sterling Gardens Sweet 16

Event Innovation at Hurricane Productions  gives clients a different perspective on DJ entertainment.

Clients won't find Hurricane Productions on the  Sterling Gardens 'preferred vendors' list. But that doesn't mean clients don't have a choice when it comes to DJ entertainment.

Hurricane Productions hosts many events at Sterling Gardens throughout the year. From weddings to Sweet 16s, Sterling Gardens provides Hurricane Productions a unique space to create an unparalleled entertainment experience for its clients.

The above 'point of view' video shows a Sweet 16 at Sterling Gardens that put new twists on the traditional Sweet 16 in terms of music and design.

Hurricane Productions provided uplighting, music videos, its trademark 'Name in Lights' graphic and LED dance stages at the event. Hurricane also provided video and photography services and created a custom photo montage for the family.

Hurricane provides entertainment that includes an emcee, DJ, dancers and a lighting technician. All the lighting is specifically designed for each individual event. None of Hurricane's lightscaping is ever duplicated for another client.

The plasma screens are also an important part to customizing your event. You can pick from a customized set of graphics created for your event. Each graphic is designed 'in-house' for use exclusively at your event.

Photo montages are also another entertainment option that adds value to an event.

Jessica and Nicolle's Sweet 16 are the most recent examples of events hosted by Hurricane Productions at Sterling Gardens.

Jessica's Sweet 16 photo album
Nicolle's Sweet 16

You can view all recent events from Hurricane Productions on its Facebook page located at

Park Avenue Bistro hosts Sweet 16 with Hurricane Productions

Park Avenue Bistro in Freehold, NJ hosted Justina's Sweet 16. With the help of Hurricane Productions, the venue created a memorable evening for Justina and her family.

The benefits of booking your event with Park Avenue Bistro is that the venue already installed intelligent lighting, uplighting, and high-definition LCD screens for use with your DJ company.

The difference between using Hurricane Productions or other DJ entertainment at the Park Avenue Bistro is that Hurricane includes custom name graphics for the screens and also adds an electrician-certified lighting technician to each event. These personalized touches add 'next-level' professionalism to any Hurricane Productions event.

Hurricane's creative professionals design a signature graphic for each event. The company's lighting technicians control the lighting in the entire room. They can set the uplighting to specific colors and control the intelligent lighting to spotlight special dances and create a club-like atmosphere on the dance floor.

Although the Park Avenue Bistro offers a 'house' DJ company to its potential clients, you always have a choice when it comes to DJ entertainment. Hurricane Productions offers a high energy product with exclusive features.

Hurricane's philosophy is to book just one event per evening - shifting the company's complete attention to your event on that given date.

Check Hurricane Productions' Facebook for recent photos and videos. You can now check Hurricane's availability and receive a free price quote via Facebook. Just click the 'Availability' tab on

Hurricane Productions is 'Event Innovation.' Learn more about Hurricane Productions at and

Sweet 16 Testimonial - PNC Reception Center, Holmdel NJ

Although Hurricane Productions' website is filled with video testimonials, some clients opt to send e-mails and thank you letters expressing their gratitude.

Raaga’s family was in a bind. They originally booked a reputable DJ company to entertain her Sweet 16 at PNC Reception Center but when the company overbooked themselves for that evening, they released Raaga’s party within six weeks of the event.

Raaga’s mom called Hurricane Productions and not only did owners Vincent and Strato help save the event but Hurricane upped the ante on the other DJ company.

"I don't and will never understand why DJ companies in our area try to overbook themselves," said Hurricane Productions owner Vincent Anthony Velasquez. "Maybe they're worried that the business will come to us. And in this case it did. If you see what we did for Raaga and her family, I'd be worried too."

Here's what Madhavi wrote to Hurricane Productions via e-mail after the Sweet 16:

Dear Vincent, Strato and Hurricane Productions crew:

Thank you for doing an amazing job with my daughter Raaga's Sweet 16 party. Hurricane Productions made Raaga's vision for her Sweet 16 party a reality and made her dream come true. We are extremely happy with the high energy you brought to the party. Your energy matched Raaga's and the party turned to be a tremendous success.

I do not think a single guest left the party without telling us how great the party was, and how awesome the DJ entertainment was. It has been 2 weeks since the party, and I still hear how cool the MC, the DJ, and the dancers were, and how much fun they had at the party from everybody who attended the party. Even the Dean of the Upper School remarked to us that the chatter in the upper school for a long time was about the awesome music, dancers, and DJ entertainment at Raaga's Sweet 16. You were professional, courteous, and the nicest young people we've ever had the pleasure of working with.

We had initially booked with [Competing Company] located in Marlboro, NJ, but they overbooked the date and bailed on us six weeks before the party, leaving us in a lurch. We were desperate to find a good DJ company as time was running out.

Finding your company was a blessing in disguise for us. You made it easy for us and addressed our every wish and concern with unparalleled professionalism. I do not think there are enough good superlative adjectives in the dictionary for us to describe your DJ services, and how happy we are with your services. I hope you continue to grow, and wish you continued success in future.

Madhavi Agraharam

Top 10 Hurricane Productions events from 2010

As Hurricane Productions readies itself to entertain a full slate of 2011 events, the company compiled a portfolio of its top 10 events from 2010.

Hurricane Productions introduced uplighting and production into its entertainment packages, enhanced its 'Next-Day' Facebook photo album feature, and perfected family montages and video production in 2010. The year also saw some original Hurricane Productions clients from its start in 2003 come back around for more events - this time for their younger childrens' proms, Sweet 16s and weddings.

Although all the parties and events from 2010 will hold a special place in Hurricane Productions' history, these are the 10 events that told the best stories about the clients, the company, and helped set the stage for a successful 2011.

10. DJ competition at Rutgers University

When: December 9, 2010
Where: College Ave. Student Center
The story: Talented DJ and Producer Eugene Veltman (Jenaux) rallied his fraternity to raise money for the upcoming 2011 Rutgers Dance Marathon. He did so by convincing top DJs from Rutgers University to compete in a friendly mix-based event. Featuring house, top 40 and hip hop, DJ EV, DJ Tonic, Ravi B and DJ Dave Kim rocked the Multipurpose Room at the College Avenue Student Center. Hurricane and Red Bull sponsored the event and Hurricane Productions' DJs Strato Doumanis and Eddie 'DJ N9NE' Romani served as the judges. DJ EV walked away as the champ and will be one of four DJs featured at Club DM 2011.
Click here for the photo gallery

9. Four former Sweet 16ers bring Hurricane to DJ their high school prom

When: April 23, 2010
Where: Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, NJ
The story: Samantha Ortner from Brick, NJ and her family hired Hurricane Productions to entertain her Sweet 16 at the Stone Pony in late 2008. Chelsea and Carly Gleason kicked off Hurricane Productions' 2009 season with their Sweet 16 in January and Ali Jordan celebrated her Sweet 16 at Spano's at White Sands in March 2009. What else do all of these girls have in common? They go to the same high school and serve on the student council. So when it was time to pick a DJ for their prom, they immediately called Hurricane Productions.

Brick Memorial Prom 2010 photo gallery
Samantha's Sweet 16 photo album
Chelsea and Carly's Sweet 16 photo gallery
Ali Jordan's Sweet 16 photo album

8. Sarah's traditional Sweet 16 features choreographed dances and ceremonies

When: October 3, 2010
Where: The Manor in West Orange, NJ
The story: When it came to planning a traditional Filipino Sweet 16, the Bacani family searched for a DJ company that would listen to their needs. Simply put, Sarah's guest list was split between her high school friends and her family. She wanted all of her friends to dance with all of her family members and needed a DJ who could handle playing traditional Filipino music and top 40 hits.

Hurricane Productions owner Strato Doumanis compiled a format for the event and helped guide the Bacani family down the path to a successful event. Sarah's Sweet 16 included a traditional choreographed waltz, dedication dances, a photo montage, a traditional Filipino dance called the ‘jota,’ and a candle and rose ceremony.

Read more about the Bacani's traditional Sweet 16
Sarah's Sweet 16 photo album

7. Donald Trump shows up to Nicole's Sweet 16
When: October 1, 2010
Where:Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ
The story: Donald Trump walked through the doors of his golf club in Bedminster, NJ and before you now it, he grabbed a pen and signed the welcome board at Nicole's Sweet 16. The visit was unexpected since Trump rarely visits his golf club, but he was in attendance that evening because a number of his high-roller members gathered for a banquet in the adjoining room. Trump stopped in, checked out the party and posed for some photos with our Sweet 16 guest of honor and her family.

Nicole's Sweet 16 photo album

6. A night on the red carpet with Veronica Kole

When: August 26, 2010
Where: Eagle Oaks Golf Country Club in Farmingdale, NJ
The story: Veronica Kole is and up and coming pop singer and at the age of 16, she wanted to throw a Hollywood-style Sweet 16 for her friends. Decked out with her 'name in lights', red carpet with paparazzi, uplighting, video screens and production, she impressed her hometown 'fans' with her party and a duet performance with pop singer Brenda K. Starr.

The event was a quasi-Sweet 16/album release party as Veronica performed and partied all night long. Watch the video to see more from her party.

Veronica Kole's Sweet 16 photo gallery

5. The Gleasons come back to Hurricane - this time for a wedding

When: September 4, 2010
Where: American Legion in Toms River, NJ
The story: Remember Carly and Chelsea Gleason from our No. 9 event of 2010? Their older sister, Ashley, got engaged earlier in year and called Hurricane to book her wedding in September. Ashley and Andrew got married on the beach during Labor Day weekend and then celebrated their reception at the American Legion in Toms River.

This is what's cool about Ashley and Andrew's wedding: They threw a huge party and a low-cost venue so that they didn't have to cut any of their friends and family from their guest list. Instead, they budgeted their party for great DJ entertainment and food.

In order to 'dress-up' the rather plain venue, Hurricane Productions transformed the room with uplighting. Watch the video to see the transformation. This wedding is a true example of how DJ entertainment really makes the difference in your celebration.

4. Rutgers University Dance Marathon raises over $378,000

When: 32-hour non-stop event from March 27 - 28
Where: College Avenue Gymnasium at Rutgers University
The story: In its third year entertaining Rutgers Dance Marathon, Hurricane Productions accomplished so much in advancing the event and helping it raise money for the Embrace Kids Foundation. Dance Marathon is a feel-good event centered around over 1,000 student volunteers who commit themselves to raising money and awareness for the children with cancer and blood disorders.

Hurricane Productions trained six DJs and five emcees to entertain their peers. The company helped produce DM's original 'line dance' song that is taught to all of the students throughout 32 hours and also filmed and produced a music video to go along with the dance.

Watch the Rutgers Dance Marathon 2010 Line Dance Video

DM 2010 photo album

3. Donny and Gina's Wedding

When: October 30, 2010
Where: The Palace at Somerset Park
The story: When Donny and Gina met Vincent and Strato in 2006 they immediately said "when we get married, you're DJing our wedding." Donny owns D&D Catering located out of the Mercer County Boathouse at Mercer County Park. He met Vincent and Strato back in 2006 during a busy season of Sweet 16s and Hurricane Productions worked at the Boathouse a number of times from 2006-2008. When Donny and Gina got engaged in late 2009 they called Vincent and booked Hurricane for their wedding. The wedding consultations took place at their household and Donny cooked Hurricane full dinners upon their arrivals (Donny is a caterer at heart). Donny, Gina, Strato and Vincent formed a strong friendship during the planning process and it showed at the wedding.

The wedding accented all the best features at the Palace including full ballroom uplighting, video production and a party percussionist. Hurricane also provided music for the afterparty located at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Somerset. To top it all off, Vincent created custom designed and edited DVDs of their photo montage that Donny and Gina gave to their parents as Christmas gifts.

Hurricane Productions' 2011 Wedding Portfolio

2. Hurricane saves Sweet 16 from cancellation

When: November 20, 2010
Where: Robert Meyner Reception Center at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ
The story: Raaga's family was in a bind. They booked a reputable DJ company to entertain her Sweet 16 earlier in 2010 but when the company booked seven other events that evening, the company released Raaga's party within six weeks of the event. Raaga's mom called Hurricane Productions and not only did they save the event but Hurricane upped the ante on the other DJ company.

This event marked Hurricane's most impressive production of 2010. Hurricane Productions designed uplighting for the entire ballroom - completely transforming PNC's reception center. Hurricane created a photo montage and video presentation (using Raaga's family VHS tapes to compile the footage) and put Raaga's 'Name in Lights' using the same font color and design as her Sweet 16 invitations.

Here's what Raaga's mom had to say in an email after the party:

"Finding your company was a blessing in disguise for us. You made it easy for us and addressed our every wish and concern with unparalleled professionalism. I do not think there are enough good superlative adjectives in the dictionary for us to describe your DJ services, and how happy we are with your services. I hope you continue to grow, and wish you continued success in future."

View the entire production from Raaga's Sweet photo gallery

1. Amanda and Brendan's Wedding

When: August 27, 2010
Where: Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, NJ
The story: Brendan Prunty and Hurricane Productions owner Vincent Velasquez worked together at the Star-Ledger and since 2006. Vincent, a college intern, and Brendan, fresh out of college, became friends while they worked together as Rutgers football reporters. While on the job, Brendan would share stories about Amanda (his girlfriend turned fiance) and Vincent would finish up work on college football Saturdays to head to a DJ gig. When Brendan got engaged he called Vincent and asked if he would emcee his and Amanda's wedding. Hurricane Productions put together a beautiful celebration at the Hyatt Regency overlooking New York City that included uplighting under the sweetheart table, a photo montage, party percussionist and video production.

This wedding holds a special place in the history of Hurricane Productions because it marks the first crossover of Vincent's full-time job as a sports reporter and his passion as an emcee and host for Hurricane Productions. Just like Donny and Gina, Brendan and Amanda are not just clients but friends. Their stories about their weddings are ones to not just to share with clients but with friends and family alike.

Hurricane Productions' 2011 Wedding Portfolio

Honorable Mentions:

Andrea and Shane's Wedding at the Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY:

Hurricane Productions and its crew traveled to West Point to provide DJ entertainment, uplighting and a party percussionist for an eloquent military wedding. Andrea and Shane found Hurricane Productions through a mutual friend from Vincent's college days at Rutgers University.

dome room at grand marquis in old bridge, nj

Mally's Sweet 16 at the Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, NJ:

Sweet 16 in early 2010 featured Hurricane's first full room uplighting design. Mally wanted a blue color scheme for her Cinderella-themed party. Hurricane Productions decorated the walls and her head table with uplighting and design in the Grand Marquis' Dome Room.

Read more and watch a video from Mally's Sweet 16

Traditional Filipino Sweet 16 - Rose Ceremony and Choreography

Hurricane Productions and The Manor located in West Orange, NJ teamed together to create the perfect setting for a traditional Sweet 16.

Any DJ company can provide the newest music and young entertainers but Hurricane Productions also pays attention to the details.

The Bacani family and their daughter, Sarah, came to Hurricane Productions seeking advice as to how to format a Filipino Sweet 16. Half of the guests were native speaking and had a strong sense of tradition while the other half of the guests were Sarah's school friends.

The family envisioned a night where all of the guests would be up and dancing together but they worried that it wouldn't be possible.

After an in-home consultation with the family, Hurricane Productions created a seamless format and program for the Sweet 16 that kept all guests happy and engaged.

Sarah and her Sweet 16 court were eloquently introduced into the ballroom and the performed a traditional choreographed waltz. Sarah invited her father out to the dance floor for a special dedication dance. Right after dinner guests were treated to a photo montage documenting Sarah's life and then her Sweet 16 court returned to the dance floor for a traditional Filipino dance called the 'jota.'

Sarah delivered a beautiful Sweet 16 candle ceremony set to dedication music and then danced with her close relatives as they handed her 16 roses to commemorate her Sweet 16.

Despite all of the formal events of the Sweet 16, Sarah and her family still danced the night away. The Manor and its staff assisted Hurricane Productions with timing all of the ceremonies and had meals available right way for guests during cocktail hour through three separate courses.

The Bacani family even had a last minute request just three days before the party. They needed a videographer and photographer and Hurricane Productions was able to provide them with those services.

After the party, Hurricane Productions immediately posted all the photos on Facebook and uploaded a video (which you can see above) by the end of the weekend.

Within two weeks after the Sweet 16, Hurricane Productions mailed the Bacani family a DVD with all of the photos and video clips.

During the Sweet 16 Hurricane Productions provided video screens, spotlight intelligent lighting, music videos and more.

You can learn more about Hurricane Productions on its facebook page located at


Awesome Sweet 16 at Sterling Gardens in Matawan NJ

Sterling Gardens gives Hurricane Productions a creative space to design Sweet 16 and Wedding DJ entertainment.

Go beyond the 'preferred vendors' list at Sterling Gardens. You won't find Hurricane Productions on the venues 'preferred vendors' list of advertisers.

The Red Bank-based DJ entertainment company allows its prospective clients to have a choice when they shop for entertainment companies.

The day after the party a recent Sweet 16, Gloria - the mother of the Sweet 16 celebrant, sent us this email regarding our performance quality at her daughter's Sweet Sixteen:

Thank you so much for a great job! I had no doubt that you would make Erica's night the best it could be. I received so many compliments from the adults at the party about you and your company.


My older daughter remembers you from [St. John Vianney High School] and had only the nicest things to say about you, Thank you again for everything, as I told you when we met that I have never planned a party like this before and with your experience and help it made it possible for me to enjoy my daughter's special night.


I am enjoying the photos on facebook!
Thank you once again. --Gloria Gutierrez

You can stay current with recent Hurricane Productions' events by visiting the company's Facebook page at


Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Honoree Order

One of the most important parts of a young lady's Sweet 16 is her candle ceremony. Despite it's importance, it does not have to be the most stressful part of planning. The task of assigning family and friends to each of 16 candles may seem like a monumental feat, but once you start and complete candle one you'll be amazed at how easily the remaining candles fall into place. The following are some helpful tips and general guidelines to make candle lighting preparation easier.

The guest of honor may light a memory candle for deceased relative(s). Typically, this is announced by the Guest of Honor, and is done either before the first candle is announced, or before the parents' candle is announced. Alternatively, one of the candles on the cake can be lit as a memory candle—this would be announced at the time of that candle.

It is important to make an organized list which includes the names of people who will be coming to the cake. Write the names as the Guest of Honor calls them (like "Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob," etc.). The usual order for candle lighting is:

(the following is just a guideline to help you with the ceremony, by no means must the ceremony be arranged in this order)

1. Grandparents

2. Aunts

3. Uncles

4. Cousins

5. Older relatives

6. Younger relatives

7. Friends of parents

8. Friends of Guest of Honor

9. Parents

10. Siblings

11. Guest of Honor

The usual number of candles is 17 (16 for age, one for good luck). Try to group relatives and friends together to keep the amount of candles to this number as best as possible. You can have interesting tidbits of information announced as the individuals come up to light the candles.

You will also need to choose music to be played while people come up and light the candles. You can have one piece of music serve as background to all of the candles, or you may want to match a specific song to each person or group of people lighting the candle. The total ceremony takes about 15-20 minutes.


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