Alexandra and Vincent Celebrate Wedding at Bride's Family Home

Vincent and Alexandra Velasquez celebrated their wedding at the bride's family home in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Engaged in 2016, the couple skipped a venue search and asked the bride’s parents if they could celebrate at their home. 

Without hesitation, Mom and Dad accepted. But work needed to be done.

The entire family pitched in with installing a new fence, re-siding the house and more - finishing a home renovation that had been started by the bride's dad.

The family referred to the Victorian-style home as 'The Venue,' leading up to the occasion.

Alexandra and Vincent created a spectacular backyard wedding reception to rival any event venue.

It was truly a D.I.Y wedding - the couple worked with a number of vendors to bring everything from flatware, catering, tent, restrooms and entertainment to the backyard. 

Alexandra and Vincent relied on an entire cast of family and friends to help make their vision come to life.

The newlyweds are forever thankful to their Wedding Planner, Carey Loch, for her friendship and guidance throughout the days, weeks and months leading up to their special day.

They also turned to a longtime friend - Sandra Golis Strang - to officiate their wedding.

If you find yourself lost on the Hurricane's site, you may recognize Vincent as a co-owner and co-founder of the company. And the Best Man, Strato Doumanis? He's the other half.

Vincent and Alexandra chose the best of the best when it came to Hurricane's staff to provide DJ entertainment, Lighting, Videography and Photography services for the wedding.

Here is a list of partners, vendors, and collaborators:

  • Wedding Planner: Carey Loch
  • Officiant: Sandra Golis Strang
  • Emcee/DJ: Robert Padovano/Alvin Gay
  • Videographers: Markus Robinson, Tyler Ajamian
  • Photographers: Corynn Egreczky, David Costantini
  • Lighting: Thomas Bishop/Nomadic Productions
  • Video Editors: Markus Robinson, Jordan Goldstein
  • Photo Editors: Nick Nittoli, David Costantini, Corynn Egreczky
  • Hair: Melissa Coverly Aletich
  • Makeup: I DO Hair & Makeup
  • Caterers: Henri's Hotts BBQ
  • Drinks: NYS Inc. (Olive Branch)
  • Event Rentals (Tent, Tables, Chairs, Linens): Karcher Events
  • Flatware: Preferred Party Place
  • Cake: Stella Baking Company
  • Ice Cream Truck: MJ Mister Softee
  • Restrooms: Mr. Bobs
  • Transportation: McGough Bus Company
  • Additional Photo Location: Autumn Lake Winery

Christina and Jesse - Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club

Christina and Jesse's Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club Wedding

There's nothing like summertime at the Jersey Shore, so it's no surprise that many local couples, like Christina and Jesse, choose to get married there. The newlyweds celebrated the start of their life together surrounded by loved ones at their Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club wedding.

This award-winning event facility is perfect for any occasion, including elegant beachfront weddings. Located in the historic seaside town of Spring Lake, New Jersey, "The B&T" offers incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and private beach access for guests. These spectacular backdrops, along with the venue's majestic ballroom, allow for some truly gorgeous wedding photos and videos.

Christina and Jesse hired Hurricane Productions to provide full-day videography coverage for their wedding events at Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club. Our videographers, Corynn Egreczky and Tyler Ajamian, captured every special moment of the day, including wedding party preparations, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception. Later, the couple's raw footage was edited into a feature-length, 60 to 90-minute cinematic wedding film, along with a three to five-minute highlight video to share with family and friends.

Looking for wedding entertainment, photography, videography, lighting, and more? Hurricane Productions offers all-inclusive packages for your wedding day. Check out our pricing page or request a quote for more details.

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Shannon and Greg - The Bridgewater Manor

Shannon and Greg's Bridgewater Manor Wedding

The Bridgewater Manor is known for its elegance and sophistication. With five ballrooms, and a perfectly manicured outdoor patio for ceremonies, this Bridgewater, NJ event venue offers a romantic and traditional setting for beautiful weddings like Shannon and Greg's.

The couple hired Hurricane Productions to provide entertainment and videography services for their spring Bridgewater Manor wedding. As part of their Spotlight Entertainment package, Shannon and Greg received cocktail hour sound and reception entertainment by company founders Vincent Velasquez (MC) and Strato Doumanis (DJ), plus intelligent spotlighting for the dance floor.

The newlyweds added several package upgrades, including full ballroom uplighting and a custom Name in Lights monogram. They also had a custom Snapchat geofilter designed by our team so guests could show off their Snaps of the wedding in style.

Hurricane videographer Corynn Egreczky provided full-day video coverage for the couple's Bridgewater Manor wedding. She captured all of Shannon and Greg's special moments throughout the day, from morning preparations through the final dance of the evening. Corynn's footage was edited into a feature-length, 60 to 90-minute cinematic wedding film, and a three to five-minute highlight video.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. Visit our pricing page or request a quote for more details.

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Your Next Sporting Event DJ

Why hire Hurricane to staff your athletics DJ roster?

  • Nearly two decades of college sports event experience
  • Professional, stadium-level music programming and event coordination
  • Deep understanding of sporting event chronology and timelines
  • DJs are comfortable working in fast-pace, broadcast environments
  • Direct communication access to DJs before, during, and after events
  • Up-to-date music libraries from professional record pools

Full Time Support Staff

Your athletics event DJs and hosts are always on time. Should you have any questions, you'll always have a direct line day-of-event contact at Hurricane HQ. Our dedicated team is in constant contact with our staff when they are fulfilling event services.

Communication Through Technology

Let us run the show and feel confident putting years of musical programming and college sporting event management to use. Or have as much control as you'd like. We offer direct communication as well as online account access for uploading custom music, online payments, and more.

Need sound or AV support? No problem.

We provide audiovisual solutions for events including staging, outdoor sound systems, lighting, DJ gear, microphones and more.

Case Study: Rutgers University, DJ Nate Hawley

Want to take your sporting event entertainment to the next level? Don't hire just any DJ -- get the official DJ of Rutgers Football!

Meet Hurricane Productions' Nate Hawley, the go-to DJ for Rutgers Athletics. Whenever there's a football game, wrestling match, or gymnastics meet at RU, you're almost certain to find Nate behind the DJ booth.

University Football DJ

Nate first connected with Hurricane Productions after attending a Rutgers event the company had produced. His lifelong passion for music and DJing propelled him to reach out and ask how he could get involved. With a strong interest in being a college sports event DJ, Hurricane gave then-sophomore Nate his first Rutgers DJ opportunity in 2014. Within a couple of years, Nate became known as the “Official DJ of Rutgers Football.”

Since then, his skills as a professional DJ and MC have only improved.

"My music library and knowledge has grown and my mixing is no longer tied to a specific genre," he says. "I’m comfortable with any crowd and I can now use the mic without stumbling through announcements

While Nate is best known for entertaining crowds on game day, he's so much more than the Rutgers Football DJ. He's also one of our most popular private event entertainers. Whether he's working solo or as part of a DJ-MC team, Nate will curate the perfect playlist for you and your guests while delivering the professionalism you expect.

Interested in having Nate entertain your next event? Get in touch with us and let us know you want DJ Nate!

Monica and Michael - Waterloo Village - Stanhope, NJ

Monica and Michael's Waterloo Village wedding video

New Jersey couples who want a rustic wedding often choose Waterloo Village, a 19th century canal town in Stanhope, NJ. This gorgeous venue is brimming with both history and charm, and provides the perfect backdrop for romantic photos and videos.

Monica and Michael experienced the magic of Waterloo Village firsthand during their spring wedding. The newlyweds hired Hurricane Productions to provide entertainment and videography services for their big day. They chose our Spotlight Entertainment Package, which included entertainment by DJ Alvin Gay and MC Robbie Padovano, and customized intelligent spotlighting. As an add-on to their package, Hurricane also set up a wireless sound system for the ceremony.

To create their Waterloo Village wedding video, Monica and Michael hired Hurricane's Phil Shvartsman and Tyler Ajamian for full-day videography coverage. Phil and Tyler worked together to capture all the couple's special moments, from pre-ceremony prep through the end of their reception. Their package included a 60 to 90-minute wedding film and a three to five-minute highlight video, plus the videographers' raw footage from their day.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. Visit our pricing page to view our all-inclusive packages, or request a quote to learn more.

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Book Last Minute, Raw Footage and Edit Later

There's no way around it: Weddings can get very expensive, very quickly. After you've booked your venue, officiant, photographer, DJ, florist, and countless other vendors, you might not have a lot of money left over to spend on video. You might not even be sure you want a wedding videographer at all.

But Hurricane Productions isn't your average wedding videographer. We offer videography services and options you won't find at most other companies. Here are three things that make us a great choice for couples on the fence about video:

You can book us at the last minute.

Couples who know they want video typically book their wedding videographer early on in the planning process. But some couples aren't sure if they want to invest in video until a few months before the big day -- and they're often disappointed to learn that most local videographers have already been booked for their date.

Because Hurricane Productions works with nearly a dozen photo and video professionals, you can come to us 30 to 60 days before your wedding date, and we'll have someone available to shoot your event. Rachel and Steve Chassen hired Hurricane just three weeks before their wedding, and we were able to provide them with a videographer to capture raw footage of their day.

We offer raw footage packages for couples on a budget.

Our affordable wedding video editing packages start at just $1,295 for six hours of coverage and a three to five-minute highlight video. But if that's still outside your budget, you don't have to pay for edits at all.

We offer couples the option to just hire a wedding videographer to shoot and deliver raw footage of your day. This means you'll get the unedited clips of your wedding events -- ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception -- directly from the videographer's camera, delivered via our secure cloud server. From there, you can choose to keep the clips as they are or edit them together to make your own wedding video.

Not sure what raw footage entails? Learn more about it here.

We store your footage for up to a year (in case you change your mind).

A highlight edit of you raw footage can make a great holiday gift, or one year anniversary gift to each other!

Picture this : Your own private Dropbox folder. Access anytime for up to one year.

What happens if you get our raw footage from your wedding and now wish you'd gotten an edit package? It's not too late -- Hurricane Productions has worked with plenty of couples to incorporate video edits after their wedding day. We store your footage on our secure cloud server for up to one year after your event. That means you have a full 365 days to decide whether you want us to turn your clips into a beautiful, feature-length cinematic film, a short highlight video to share on social media, or both.

Jessica and Joe came back to us after their wedding to request both a highlight video and a feature-length edit:

Lisa and Jaime ordered their highlight video after their wedding day (and were absolutely thrilled with it!):

If you've already booked us to edit a highlight video for you, you can upgrade to a full cinematic edit up to year after after your wedding day, too.

So, it's OK if you want to just get raw footage. It's OK if you decide you want professional edits six months after your wedding. It's OK if you're not even sure you're ready to book a wedding videographer yet. With Hurricane's flexible options, we can accommodate any couple's needs, timeline, and budget. Get in touch and let's talk about your vision for your wedding video.

Visit our pricing page to view all of our wedding videography packages, or request a quote to discuss a custom package.

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The Truth About Raw Footage in Wedding Videography

Many modern wedding videographers, including Hurricane Productions, offer couples their raw footage as part of their video package.

There are a lot of questions and misconceptions about what raw video footage is and what you can do with it. Whether you've already booked your videography services or are just exploring your options, learn more about this line item and understand what you'll actually be getting from your wedding videographer.

What is raw footage and what do I get from my videographer?

The most common misconception about raw footage is that it's one, long, continuous video of your wedding events, from start to finish. In reality, your raw footage is a collection of all the video files your videographer took throughout the day. Because a new file is created every time the camera stops and starts, each clip is short, usually lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes.

While the files you receive should be in chronological order, you may find some clips that are out of sequence if the videographer had to switch memory cards or if you had a second videographer shooting your wedding. Additionally, the file names will come directly from the camera. So instead of seeing something like, "Ceremony Clip 1" for the first clip from your ceremony, the file names might be, "DCIM_0001."

We deliver our raw footage to every video client, directly from the camera, through our secure cloud server. We can walk you through your clips or sequencing if you have questions, such as which series of files came from which videographer.

Do I need my raw footage?

With a Hurricane Productions video package, your raw footage is already included in the purchase price. However, you may be wondering if you really need that footage if we're already creating a formal edit of your wedding day.

Keep in mind that there are often six to 12 hours worth of raw footage from any given wedding, and feature-length cinematic edits are just 60 to 90 minutes long. When we're editing your video, we'll choose the highlights and best shots of the day, but most of the footage will not make the final cut.

Even if you only watch through your raw footage files once, you'll be able to see every single second that was captured during your wedding. There may be little moments you had forgotten about, like a quiet, private conversation with your new spouse after the ceremony – or things you didn't even see happening, like a hilarious clip of your aunt tearing up the dance floor. Having your raw footage means you'll always have access to these moments.

What can I do with raw footage?

The great thing about raw footage is that it can be arranged in countless different ways to tell the same story from different perspectives. If you're handy with video editing software, there's no limit to what you can do with your raw footage. You and your spouse can each create videos of your favorite individual moments from the wedding. You can make a funny video of outtakes and silly moments from the reception to share with your friends. You can even piece the clips together in chronological order to create your own documentary-style video to accompany the professional cinematic edit you'll receive.

Can I have my raw footage professionally edited if I didn't buy an edit package up front?

Most of our couples choose to purchase a video package that includes editing up front. Others, like Jessica & Joe and Lisa & Jaime, hire us to simply film and deliver raw footage – but after the wedding, they realize they'd like a professional edit. In other cases, a couple may initially opt for our Short Movie Package, which includes a three to five-minute highlight video, and later decide they want a feature-length cinematic edit.

Regardless of what you hired us to do, it's never too late to add editing services if you have your raw footage. We are always happy to accommodate post-event requests for editing services, even if it's months later.

In addition to wedding videography, Hurricane Productions offers photography and entertainment services. Interested in one of our all-inclusive wedding packages? Check out our pricing page or request a quote for your big day.

Should I Hire One or Two Wedding Videographers?

If you and your fiancé have decided to invest in wedding videography, then you already know the value of having your day documented on film. Photography is still important, but pictures alone won't allow you to relive your wedding the way a beautifully edited cinematic video can.

The question, then, is whether you hire one or two wedding videographers. There are pros and cons to each, and the right choice for you depends on your budget, your timeline, and your vision for your wedding film.

Here are a few important factors to consider when you're deciding which route to go for your wedding videography package.

How much do you want to spend on wedding videography?

When a couple is contemplating wedding videography services, the package they choose is often dictated by how much they can afford to spend. Hiring a second videographer means paying for an additional person's time and talent, so if you're on a tight budget, you may only be able to afford one. However, couples with a little more flexibility in their funds can explore their options for a two-person team.

A mid-point between having one and two wedding videographers is a package that includes one main videographer and an assistant. The assistant won't be operating the camera for the whole day, as a second videographer would, but this person can help the main videographer set up audio equipment, scout out good angles and locations, and direct the couple and their wedding party while the videographer captures that perfect shot.

How soon do you want your wedding video?

We make our couples' edited wedding videos available within 8 to 12 weeks after their event. Most videographers give this type of range because the time it takes to create the finished video product(s) depends on the package the couple selected and the amount of footage we need to review.

There's no guarantee you'll have your wedding video a month earlier if you opt for a single, half-day videographer, but there's a chance it could take longer to edit if you choose two: Editing six hours of footage from one videographer is a very different process than piecing together footage from two videographers who filmed for 12 hours each.

Regardless of how many videographers you hire, your service provider should be able to give you access to all your raw footage long before the final edits are completed.

What kind of wedding film do you envision?

The biggest advantage of a second videographer is the variety of shots and perspectives that can be included in your final wedding video.

Wedding photography and videography is often heavily focused on the bride, but with a second videographer, both you and your fiancé will be able to have your moments in the spotlight. This is especially important for couples who plan to get ready for the ceremony in separate locations. One videographer can only film one of you at a time, but a second videographer ensures that both the bride and her ladies and the groom and his guys have their wedding prep time documented.

As with many creative endeavors, two heads are often better than one when it comes to shooting and editing a wedding video. While your videographers will be able to collaborate and work as a team, each will also bring their own individual style, flair, and vision to the finished product. A video that combines the work of two wedding videographers means you get two unique perspectives telling the same beautiful love story: yours.

No matter what kind of wedding videography you want, we have a package to fit your needs. Visit our pricing page to learn more, or reach out to request a quote.

Lisa and Jaime - Battleground Country Club

Lisa and Jaime Mapou held their fall wedding at Battleground Country Club. This Manalapan, New Jersey event venue features a sprawling golf course, a private ceremony area, and breathtaking views from its newly renovated clubhouse.

Hurricane Productions helped the couple celebrate their big day with entertainment and media services, but it wasn't the first time they've worked with the bride: Founders Vincent Velasquez and Strato Doumanis DJed and emceed Lisa's Sweet 16 over a decade ago. They were delighted to reprise their roles at her wedding reception as part of our Request Package. The Mapous opted to add a ceremony sound system and an attended photo booth to their package.

The couple also hired a full-day videographer to capture raw footage of their wedding events. After their wedding, they reached out to request an edited version. Our creative team quickly worked to turn Brandon Perera's footage into a three to five-minute highlight video for the newlyweds.

While most Hurricane couples select one of our video editing packages during the consultation phase, we're also happy to work with clients like Lisa and Jaime on post-wedding edits if they have a more flexible budget after the big day, or simply change their mind about having a wedding film. Whether you request edits one month or one year later, we'll pull your raw footage from our secure cloud server and create your video.

Hurricane Productions offers all-inclusive entertainment, photography, and videography packages for your wedding day Visit our pricing page to learn more or contact us to request a quote.

Jessica and Doug - The Palace at Somerset Park

With its gorgeous all-white architecture, beautifully landscaped grounds, and elegant ballrooms, it's easy to see why The Palace at Somerset Park is such a popular place for special events. Jessica and Doug Dilloian chose this Somerset, New Jersey event venue to host their romantic fall wedding.

Hurricane Productions provided ceremony sound and reception entertainment by DJ Nate Hawley and emcee Robert Padovano as part of our Spotlight Entertainment PackageDirector of operations Nick Nittoli designed custom venue lighting and set up our special dry ice "Dancing on the Clouds" effect for the dance floor. The newlyweds added an attended photo booth to their package for their guests' enjoyment.

The Dilloians also hired Hurricane for their wedding photography and videography. Photographer Corynn Egreczky spent the entire day capturing the couple's wedding events, from their pre-ceremony preparations to the final dance. Jessica and Doug opted for our Short Movie Package, which includes six hours of videography throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Videographer Markus Robinson's footage from the day was edited into a three to five-minute highlight video for the couple to share with family and friends.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of wedding entertainment and media services. To learn more about our all-inclusive packages, check out our pricing page or request a quote.

Gabriella and Mike - Blue Heron Pines Golf Club

Gabriella Velasquez and Mike Martocci had a beautiful summer wedding at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club in Egg Harbor City.

This elegant South Jersey wedding venue is just a stone's throw from the Jersey Shore. Its breathtaking view of the golf course and spacious, rustic ballroom provided the perfect setting for the couple's big day.

Hurricane Productions provided entertainment, lighting design, and full-day videography for this special family affair (our co-founder Vincent Velasquez was in the wedding party!). After running the ceremony sound, Alvin Gay and Robert Padovano worked the DJ booth at the Martoccis' reception. Director of operations Nick Nittoli set up venue lighting to set the tone and atmosphere of the evening.

Videographer Corynn Egreczky spent the day with Gabriella and Mike, filming every special moment from their preparations, ceremony, and reception. The newlyweds received a feature-length cinematic edit of their wedding footage, plus a three-to-five minute social media highlight video.

Interested in one of our wedding entertainment and media packages? Visit our pricing page or contact us for a quote.

Christine and Tim - The Hamilton Manor

Christine and Tim DeMartin's wedding was held at The Hamilton Manor, a rustic event venue in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

After the couple exchanged vows in The Barn, their friends and family headed to The Cellar for cocktail hour. Hurricane Productions' Nate Hawley provided ceremony sound and DJ/emcee entertainment for the newlyweds' reception in The Ballroom.

The DeMartins also hired Hurricane for full-day wedding videography. Markus Robinson and Amanda Jones were there to film all of the couple's special moments throughout their day. As part of their package, they received a 60-to-90 minute cinematic wedding film and a shorter highlight video to share on social media.

Check out Hurricane's pricing page for all of our wedding entertainment and media packages. You can also contact us directly for date availability.

Tolu and Tosin - The Palace at Somerset Park

Tolu and Tosin Akinmade were married at The Palace at Somerset Park, a neo-Palladian style venue in Somerset, New Jersey.

The 30-acre property boasts countless features for a picture-perfect wedding day, from its sweeping staircases to its beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds.

Hurricane Productions helped the Akinmades celebrate their day with entertainment and full-day videography services. After providing the sound system for the couple's ceremony, DJ Strato Doumanis and emcee Robert Padovano set up at the reception to keep guests dancing throughout the night. Meanwhile, Corynn Egreczky and Tyler Ajamian filmed the wedding events from beginning to end.

As part of their package, Tolu and Tosin received a feature-length cinematic edit of their wedding day footage, along with a three to five-minute highlight video to share on social media.

Let Hurricane Productions help you celebrate your special day. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our all-inclusive wedding entertainment and media packages.

Ally & Jonny, Neshanic Valley

Ally and Jonny Lay celebrated their wedding at Neshanic Valley Golf Course, a sprawling 420-acre property in Neshanic Station, New Jersey with gorgeous views of the Neshanic Valley and the nearby Sourland Mountains.

As part of their all-inclusive wedding day package with Hurricane Productions, the newlyweds enjoyed a full suite of entertainment services, including ceremony sound, a DJ (Alvin Gay) and emcee (Robert Padovano) team for their reception, ballroom lighting design by Nick Nittoli, a photo montage played on LED TV screens, and a photo booth for their guests to use.

We also created a custom Name in Lights display, personalized animation, and a unique Snapchat geofilter for Ally and Jonny.

Photographer Mike Slagter and videographer Corynn Egreczky spent the entire day with the couple, capturing every special moment of their wedding events. In addition to a 60 to 90-minute feature-length edit, the couple received a three to five-minute highlight video to share with friends and family on social media.

Learn more about our wedding entertainment and media packages on our pricing page.

Catherine and Mike - Eagle Oaks

Catherine and Mike Cassarino said "I do" at Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club.

This Farmingdale, New Jersey venue features an exquisite golf course, picturesque landscaping, and an elegant clubhouse, all of which created the perfect backdrop for the newlyweds' special day.

The couple used Hurricane Productions for all their entertainment needs, including a ceremony sound system, a DJ (Strato Doumanis) and emcee (Robert Padovano) for the reception. Hurricane's director of operations, Nick Nittoli, designed custom lighting to complement the couple's venue and color scheme.

Catherine and Mike also hired two full-day videographers to ensure that every moment of their wedding was well-documented. Hurricane used the footage captured by Corynn Egreczky and Markus Robinson to create a 60 to 90-minute feature-length edit of the Cassarinos' day, as well as a three to five-minute social media-friendly highlight video.

Interested in one of our wedding entertainment or media packages? Check out our
pricing page for details or contact us for date availability.

Joe and Jamie, Clarks Landing

When you’re getting married in a coastal state, why not hold your wedding at a place that overlooks a beautiful body of water?

That’s exactly what Joe and Jamie Forsyth did for their summer waterfront wedding.

The Forsyths held their ceremony and reception at Clarks Landing Yacht Club, one of our favorite Jersey Shore wedding venues. This Point Pleasant establishment sits just off the docks of the Manasquan River.

The couple took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop at Clarks Landing for some of their portraits, captured by Hurricane Productions photographer Mike Slagter.

Mike stayed with the couple throughout the day, from their pre-ceremony preparations with the wedding party to the last dance at the reception. He worked alongside videographer Corynn Egreczky, who also provided full-day coverage for the newlyweds.

After they exchanged their “I dos” in front of the marina, Joe, Jamie, and their guests headed inside to Clarks Landing’s Grand Ballroom for the reception. Their all-white tablecloths and floral centerpieces were perfect for a summertime Jersey Shore wedding.

When guests weren’t out on the unique circular dance floor, they could enjoy an exquisite view of the water from the second-story ballroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows.   

With their package, the Forsyths received 10 to 15 “sneak peek” photos the day after their wedding, a three to five-minute highlight video, and a feature-length, 60 to 90-minute edit of their entire event.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. Check our pricing page for package details and upgrades, or contact us for a quote.

Sam and Eric, Clarks Landing

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but as Samantha Garcia and Eric Fusco discovered, it only takes two of them to begin a lifetime of happiness.

The couple, who met on the dating website Plenty of Fish, are now #ofishallyFuscos after their recent Jersey Shore wedding.

On a beautiful spring day, Samantha and Eric's family and friends gathered at the Co-Cathedral of St. Robert Bellarmine in Freehold for a Catholic ceremony. Later that evening, everyone headed to the gorgeous Grand Ballroom at Clarks Landing Yacht Club for the cocktail hour and reception.

The entirety of Samantha and Eric's wedding day, from pre-ceremony preparations to the final dance, was documented by a team of Hurricane Productions photographers and videographers. Corynn Egreczky and Jasear Thompson snapped candid shots and portraits of the couple, their wedding party and their guests, while Brandon Perera and Markus Robinson captured the most important moments on video.

The breathtaking panoramic ocean view from Clarks Landing's ballroom windows provided the perfect backdrop for these photos and videos of the Fuscos' enchanted evening.

As part of their Turntable Entertainment Package, the new Mr. and Mrs. Fusco had Hurricane's Alvin Gay at the DJ booth during their reception. To enhance the mood and atmosphere on the dance floor, director of operations Nick Nittoli set up the couple's Name in Lights monogram display, as well as a “Dancing on the Clouds” dry ice effect during Samantha and Eric’s first dance. Guests also enjoyed the use of a photo booth throughout the night.

Interested in Hurricane Productions' media and entertainment services for your wedding day? 

Contact us or visit our pricing page to learn more about our all-inclusive wedding packages and add-ons.

Sarah and Kevin - Temple Emanu-El

For northern New Jersey couples who want a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony and a modern reception all in one convenient location, Temple Emanu-El in Closter is an obvious choice.

Operated by Northern Valley Affairs, this elegant synagogue and event venue was the perfect location for Sarah Wexler and Kevin Kahn's big day.

The Kahns held their ceremony in the spacious Temple, where they exchanged vows beneath a breathtaking stained-glass domed ceiling. The newlyweds and their guests then moved into the venue's Grand Ballroom, where the celebration continued late into the night.

When it came to wedding videography, Sarah and Kevin knew they wanted to hire Hurricane Productions. The groom's sister, Melissa, and her husband Brandon used Hurricane for their wedding and recommended our services to the couple.

Closter NJ Temple Emanu-el Wedding

As part of their video package, the new Mr. and Mrs. Kahn had two full-day videographers. Corynn Egreczky and Markus Robinson were there to capture every moment, from wedding party preparations through the end of the reception. Hurricane productions then edited the footage into a cinematic-style, 60 to 90-minute formal wedding film. The couple also received a three to five-minute highlight video.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of wedding entertainment and media services to couples in the tri-state area. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our wedding packages, including videography options, or contact us today for a custom quote.

Caroline and Chris - The Ryland Inn

In a day filled with family, friends, and love, Caroline and Chris celebrated their wedding in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

The couple was married at Saint Helen's Church in Westfield. NJ. Immediately following the ceremony, the couple and their guests headed over to the rustic and elegant Ryland Inn. Owned and operated by Landmark Venues, this Hunterdon County estate provided the perfect backdrop for the evening.

The newlyweds celebrated their reception in The Ryland Inn's Grand Ballroom. It's an airy space with floor-to-ceiling windows and exquisite chandeliers. Stone fireplaces set the venue aesthetic apart from others.

Caroline and Chris opted for Hurricane Productions' Turntable Wedding Entertainment package, as well as one full-day videographer. DJ Alvin Gay was behind the booth for the Marzolinis' big day, keeping friends and family on the dance floor throughout the night. Hurricane videographers spent the day filming every special moment.

From the bridal party preparations to the final dance, their entire wedding was captured in stunning high resolution.

Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station NJ

As part of their video package, the newlyweds received a three to five-minute highlight reel. This highlight video is paired with a 90-minute long edit of the entire day.

The bride, a graduate of Rutgers University, was able to take advantage of our RU alumni promotion. This special promotion, for Rutgers Alumni and Staff, offers exceptional savings on wedding services.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. Contact us or visit our pricing page to learn more about our all-inclusive wedding packages and add-ons.

Rachel and Stephen - Perona Farms Wedding Videography in Andover, NJ

Rachel Goodgal and Stephen Budinsky tied the knot at scenic Perona Farms in Andover, New Jersey. The beautifully landscaped grounds, which overlook Perona Lake, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's day.

After getting ready with their respective wedding parties, Rachel and Stephen shared a first look. Stephen waited for his bride in one of Perona Farms' sunny atriums, and Rachel walked up behind him. The couple enjoyed a few private moments together before the day's events began.

In the Jewish tradition, the spouses-to-be signed the Ketubah in an intimate gathering of close family and friends. They then exchanged vows in a romantic outdoor ceremony.

Hurricane Productions videographers Corynn Egreczky and Tyler Ajamian were there throughout the Budinsky wedding to capture every special moment, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the last dance. After their big day, Rachel and Stephen received a feature-length, 60 to 90-minute edit of the full-day footage, including the ceremony, toasts, special dances, and a beautiful rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love," performed by the bride for her new husband. The couple's video package also came with a 3 to 4-minute highlight video, which is perfect to share with friends and family on social media.

If you're on the fence about a second videographer for your wedding, consider this: With two professionals documenting your day, you'll get two different perspectives, highlighting the experiences of both you and your fiancé. The resulting wedding footage will truly reflect both of you as individuals and as a couple beginning the journey of marriage together.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. To learn more about our all-inclusive packages, visit our wedding pricing page.

Megan and Tyler - Versailles Ballroom Wedding - Ramada Inn in Toms River, NJ

On a gorgeous late summer day, Megan Doorly and Tyler Ruperto were married in the quiet New Jersey beach town of Lavallette.

The couple and their respective wedding parties celebrated and exchanged gifts as they prepared for the big day. Megan and her bridesmaids walked from their rental house down to the shore. Meanwhile, Tyler and his groomsmen departed from their rooms at the Ramada Inn in Toms River – where the new Mr. and Mrs. Ruperto would later hold their reception – and shared a toast on the bus ride to the beach.

Megan and Tyler planned a first look that was captured by Hurricane Productions media professionals. The wedding party lined up along the entrance to the beach, creating an aisle for the bride to walk through. The groom waited for her near the water, with his back turned.

She tapped his shoulder and the two shared a private, emotional moment together before their ocean-side photo shoot.

That afternoon, family and friends gathered at the Lavallette Gazebo for Megan and Tyler's ceremony, for which Hurricane Productions provided a wireless sound system. After the couple exchanged vows, guests headed over to the Versailles Ballroom at the Ramada Inn for the cocktail hour and reception. DJ and MC Alvin Gay kept the party going, from the grand introductions through the final dance of the evening.

As part of their package, Megan and Tyler received a feature-length, 60 to 90-minute edit of the full-day footage taken by our videographers. This included the first look, ceremony, special dances, toasts, and even a special Delta Gamma Song performed for Megan by her sorority sisters.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. To learn more about our wedding packages, visit our wedding pricing page.

Patty and Dan - Sunset Ballroom Point Pleasant NJ Wedding

Labor Day weekend at the Jersey Shore is always full of parties, but this year, Patty Rivas and Dan Kaiserman had another event to celebrate: their wedding day.

On a beautiful September afternoon, the couple was married at St. Peter's Church in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Following a beautiful Roman Catholic ceremony, the newlyweds and their wedding party enjoyed a champagne toast outside the church before heading to the beach for a photo and video shoot. Meanwhile, friends and family traveled to the nearby Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty for a fun-filled reception in the gorgeous, ocean-view Sunset Ballroom.

With intelligent lighting provided by Hurricane Productions to set the mood, DJ Alvin and MC Vincent Velasquez kept guests on the dance floor all night as they celebrated the new Mr. and Mrs.

Hurricane's video team remained with Patty and Dan throughout the day to capture every special moment. From the pre-ceremony preparations to the final dance of the evening, it all was captured in stunning detail. As part of their package, the couple received a 3 to 4-minute wedding highlight video, as well as a feature-length, 60 to 90-minute edit of their entire wedding, including the ceremony, the beach photoshoot, special dances, toasts and the bride and groom's thank you message.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. To learn more about our all-inclusive packages, visit our wedding pricing page.

Christina and Joseph - The Imperia - Somerset, New Jersey Wedding

Christina and Joseph Sapikowski were married on a beautiful autumn afternoon at The Imperia in Somerset, New Jersey.

From the entertainment to capturing memories, Hurricane Productions was there every step of the way to help. Hurricane co-founder Vincent Velasquez (MC) and Alvin (DJ) provided sound coverage throughout the couple's ceremony and reception, while hurricane lighting designers programmed lighting to set the ambiance for the reception.

The newlyweds also enlisted Hurricane to capture every moment with photography and video services.

Christina and Joseph wrote a heartfelt thank-you letter to Hurricane Productions, specifically expressing gratitude for the efforts put in by the entire team for their wedding.

"We will be forever grateful to have worked with you," wrote the Sapikowskis.

Hurricane's media team highlighted the note in this video, which features clips from the couple's day:

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for your wedding day. Learn more about our wedding packages or request a quote to check date availability.

Sparkler Send-Off: The Perfect Way to End Your Wedding

There's nothing quite like a sparkler send-off to bookend a fantastic wedding reception.

Think about the typical end of a wedding reception. The music stops, the lights come on, and in an instant, the mood and the magic of the evening comes to a screeching halt. Guests slowly shuffle off the dance floor, gather their things, and mill around the venue saying goodbyes and having last-minute conversations. It's a pretty anticlimactic way to finish one of the most exciting events in a couple's life.

One way to end your wedding on a high note is to incorporate a sparkler send-off.

Before you and your new spouse leave your reception, have your friends and family line up outside your venue with sparklers. Once the sparklers are lit, your guests can raise them above their heads to create a pathway to your first night as newlyweds. This allows you to keep up the energy and excitement of the evening, and give your guests something big to talk about on their way out.

So what does a sparkler send-off look like? Check out the send-off guests gave this couple, who were married at HollyHedge Estate in New Hope, PA. In addition to providing DJ entertainment, Hurricane Productions was there to capture this special moment on video:

Whether you choose to close out your wedding with sparklers or a different way, you'll want to have your videographer there to document it. What better way to end your wedding video than with the special send-off? Hurricane Productions captures and edits wedding moments, including sparkler send-offs, into a beautiful, artistic compilations.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our services and pricing.

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