Newlyweds, Tara and Aaron discuss the things that mattered to them most on their wedding day. These seven essential wedding tips can help brides-to-be and grooms-to-be prioritize important aspects of their special day.

7. Design

When it comes to your wedding, few things are more important than design. From your dress, colors, themes and lighting – design ties it all together.  Use resources like The Knot and Wedding Wire to help you stylize your wedding.

6.  Style

Spend more time on having fun than worrying about every little detail. Your demeanor comes through in your photos and video. Carry yourself with style. Save the worrying for the professionals you hired to help celebrate your day. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Details

Don’t drive yourself crazy if ideas aren’t flowing. Aside from hiring a wedding planner,  Pinterest is an invaluable resource for all the little details that will make your wedding truly YOURS.

4. Lighting

Centerpieces and flowers aren’t the only decorative wedding enhancements. Carefully designed lighting creates coherency between  all of your thematic elements. Keep an open mind about lighting because although it may seem “extra,” it’s most functional use is to enhance any photo and video captured at your event.

3. Music

What’s a good party without a great playlist? The DJ’s job is to seamlessly mix your special requests in with what they know gets people up and dancing. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample mix if you’ve never heard your DJ perform before, it’ll show how much you care about the entertainment. Also, check to see if your DJ has an online planning or request tool to help you navigate your music selection.

2. Perspective

Think about the last wedding you attended as a guest. Did the bride and groom’s vision become a reality? Ask questions. Ask for vendor recommendations. But also do your own research. Most couples will tell you that staying on top of their finances and keeping in contact with their vendors led to a successful wedding reception.  But that’s easier said than done. Don’t be afraid to challenge your wedding professionals to share your vision.  Having a clear goal in mind is a surefire way to come away from your wedding feeling accomplished.

1. Moments

Take a moment for yourself. You’ve heard it plenty of times in life: “It’s not about the destination but the journey.” Once you get to your wedding day, there is very little you can change. Whether the day calls for sunshine or rain, you picked your wedding day well in advance of the five-day forecast. Look around…everything that is in your control is happening; unfolding in front of your eyes.  Family and friends are there to celebrate you. Now, remember these wedding tips and go join them.