After you and your fiance choose your wedding date and venue, your next step is to start booking your other vendors. At the top of the list for many couples are selecting a DJ, a photographer, and a videographer — and sometimes, this means dealing with up to three different companies.

At Hurricane Productions, you can book your DJ and MC, videographer, photographer, lighting designer, ceremony sound, and more, all under one roof. While you can certainly hire us for individual wedding day services, we highly recommend combining your entertainment and videography packages.

Why pairing up your wedding DJ and videographer makes sense

It might seem like your wedding DJ and videographer won’t have much interaction throughout your day. The entertainment team operates from behind the DJ booth, while the videographer moves around capturing the most important moments of your wedding events. However, booking these two services together offers a huge advantage, both to you and your vendors.

They already know each other.

It takes a lot of different people and moving parts to make a wedding happen. All your vendors have to talk to each other to coordinate the day from set up to break down, and miscommunications can sometimes throw a wrench in the process. Hurricane Productions staff members know each other and are already comfortable working together. Chances are your entertainment team and media team have already done a wedding or two together, so they know how to communicate and make an event run smoothly and efficiently. Each side can plan ahead and stagger their breaks, so neither your DJ nor your videographer misses a single important moment of your wedding.

They both have access to the same wedding timeline.

Your entire Hurricane event team has access to the wedding timeline you create in our online planning portal. This means that, when the big day arrives, your wedding DJ and videographer will both be working from the exact same schedule. This becomes incredibly important if any last-minute changes to your timeline occur. Imagine if your DJ was about to start the music for your grand reception entrance, but didn’t realize your video shoot outside the venue was running behind. Your Hurricane videographer can send a quick text to the DJ and MC to ensure they wait until everyone is ready and in place.

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Your wedding video will have crystal-clear audio.

Poor quality audio can really detract from a beautifully shot, cinematic wedding video. That’s why, whenever possible, we have our videographers plug into our DJ setup to record the microphone feed and music. Your wedding film will not only only look great, but it will have crisp, clear audio straight from the source. No need to worry about the videographer’s camera mic cutting out parts of your vows or your best man’s toast!

You’ll save money by bundling services.

We understand that hosting a wedding is an enormous investment. That’s why we offer a discount to couples who book multiple wedding day services through Hurricane Productions. The money you save by bundling your DJ and video packages can go toward another part of your wedding day budget, or give you a financial boost as you begin your life as newlyweds.

Ready to book your wedding media and entertainment services? Hurricane Productions offers a variety of packages and add-ons to suit your needs and budget. Learn more on our pricing page or request a quote for more information.

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