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Our Story

We started as a DJ company in 2003.

Since then we’ve grown two businesses to work symbiotically and separately of one another and amassed a versatile and in-demand portfolio.

Hurricane Productions is the result of building collaborative partnerships over 20 years with clientele in almost every market noteworthy to the region.

Meet the team

A full service event agency supplying creative AV solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and event management support.

Vincent Velasquez


Strato Doumanis


Jamie Bertram


Leaha Tilton, Senior Event Manager - Hurricane Productions

Leaha Tilton


Markus Robinson


Kevin Lin


Cameron Diaz


Jada Scimeca


Molly Louhier, Hurricane Productions - Social Media

Molly Louhier


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Our clients trust us to create audiovisual spaces that allow them to present, connect, collaborate and work more effectively.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our services, process, and how we ensure your event’s success through these common inquiries.

Why should I choose you for my event needs?2023-06-14T11:45:34-04:00

Hurricane Productions brings over 20 years of experience in the event industry, with a versatile and in-demand portfolio. Our expert team ensures your events are organized and executed flawlessly, saving you time while enhancing quality. We’re committed to creating rewarding and memorable experiences for you and your attendees.

What makes your event management services special?2023-06-14T11:35:27-04:00

Event Management is not just about coordination. We ensure seamless execution of all event aspects while offering a flexible approach to build your ideal team – online or in-person, supplementing your existing team or becoming your dedicated event team.

How to you source your AV providers?2023-06-14T11:36:51-04:00

Using a cominbation of in-house talent and our network of event professionals, our A/V production service utilizes cutting-edge technology and skilled technicians to deliver crystal-clear sound and visuals. This not only enhances the attendee experience but also makes your event more impactful.

Can you tell me more about your event creative services?2023-06-14T11:38:38-04:00

Our creative services for events elevate your message and overall event aesthetic. We provide expert presentation support and captivating graphic design, video content, animation, social media and data visualization and so much more. This ensures your event stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

How does your vendor sourcing service benefit my event?2023-06-14T11:39:10-04:00

We have strategic partnerships with top-tier vendors, providing exceptional services tailored to your event’s unique requirements. This means you get the best in the industry working to make your event(s) a success.

How can you ensure the success of my event?2023-06-14T11:40:55-04:00

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your vision and goals. We then create a detailed plan that includes budgeting, venue selection, vendor management, and event logistics. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure every detail is perfect. The key to our success with events relies on three pillars: experience, organization, and communication.

What can I expect from my event team if we work together?2023-06-14T11:43:40-04:00

Your assigned event team will be comprised of industry experts who are dedicated to ensuring your event is a success. Whether it’s providing seamless event management, delivering crystal-clear A/V production, creating captivating visuals, or sourcing top-tier vendors, our team is committed to the success of your event. You can expect prompt, clear communication and a well organized structure from ideation to execution on event-day.

How do you adapt to the changing event landscape?2023-06-14T11:45:26-04:00

We are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the event industry. Whether it’s adapting to virtual event management or incorporating the latest technology in our A/V production, we ensure our services are always cutting-edge.

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