Gabriela's Bilingual Sweet 16 - Costa del Sol - Union, NJ

Gabriela's Bilingual Sweet 16 at Costa del Sol

At the elegant Costa del Sol in Union, New Jersey, Gabriela celebrated a very special birthday surrounded by many friends and family members. Her red-and-gold, bilingual Sweet 16 was filled with food, fun, and culture. 

Hurricane Productions was there every step of the way to make sure her evening went off without a hitch.

Gabriela came to us for an English and Spanish-speaking entertainer. She wanted someone who could make her Bolivian and Columbian relatives feel as welcome as her local friends and family. She found this in our emcee Ralphael.

Gabriela's entertainment team also included DJ Alvin Gay, whose Cuban family roots and musical background made him a perfect fit for this event.

With her Photo and Entertainment package, Gabriela also received a photographer, a photo booth, and lighting by Director of Operations, Nick Nittoli. As an add-on service, Hurricane Productions created a photo montage set to music, and played it live during the event.

Before the party started, the birthday girl posed for outdoor portraits with her family, taken by our photographer Jasear Thompson. Gabriela looked stunning in her rhinestone-embroidered red ballgown and diamond tiara fit for a queen. Costa del Sol's beautiful landscaping, water fountain, and rock garden provided the perfect backdrop.

Gabriela kicked off her celebration by honoring her heritage. She wowed her guests when she performed traditional Bolivian and Columbian dances with different family members. Ralphael and Alvin then welcomed guests onto the dance floor, and kept Gabriela's friends and family dancing throughout the night.

Hurricane Productions offers a full suite of media and entertainment services for special events. To learn more about our all-inclusive Sweet 16 packages, request a quote or visit our pricing page.

5 Awesome Sweet 16 Snapchat Geofilters

What do you do when you're at a special event? You take pictures and share them on social media, of course.

For teens and young adults attending Sweet 16 and Quinceañera celebrations, this often means posting pictures and videos on Snapchat throughout the evening. Now, imagine how much more personal and special those Snaps would be with a "branded" geofilter designed just for the party.

As part of our Sweet 16 Social Package and higher, Hurricane Productions creates a personalized Snapchat geofilter for guests to use during the event. These filters, which are typically tailored to fit the theme and color scheme, create a fun and unique way for friends and family to share their experiences of your celebration.

Here are a few of our favorite designs from past Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras to inspire a custom Snapchat geofilter for your event.

[See our geofilters in action]

Sparkle and Shine

Sweet 16 Snapchat geofilter

This geofilter put the "jewel" in Julianna, with her name stylized to match the stones on her tiara and gown.

Meet Me In Paris

Sweet 16 Snapchat geofilter

For Jennifer's Paris-themed Sweet 16, the Eiffel Tower and a romantic Paris street sign made the perfect filter for her guests' Snaps.

The City (and Party) That Never Sleeps

Quinceanera custom Snapchat geofilter

Sydney's Quinceañera featured a geofilter decked out with the Manhattan skyline, complete with a glowing full moon and the Statue of Liberty.

Psychadelic Snaps

Sweet 16 custom Snapchat geofilter

Guests looked pretty groovy when they used the geofilter for Catherine's sixties-themed Sweet 16.

Luxury and Elegance in a Snap

Sweet 16 custom Snapchat geofilter

Inspired by luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., Claudia's celebration featured a Snapchat geofilter designed to mimic the company's iconic "Tiffany Blue" box with white ribbon.

Check out more of our Snapchat filters in action:

In addition to custom Snapchat geofilters for your Sweet 16 or Quinceañera, we can also provide multi-screen displays around your dance floor, streaming live Instagram photos using your hashtag, and personalized graphics created by our design team.

Visit our pricing page or request a quote to learn more about our all-inclusive media and entertainment services for your special birthday celebration.

Great Sweet 16 Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Celebration

A Sweet 16 theme can transform the standard ballroom at your event venue into a magical backdrop for a unique and unforgettable celebration. It sets the tone and ambiance for the evening, and can touch every element of your event, from your attire and décor to the cake and favors.

While many birthday girls choose a special color as their theme, some go all out and incorporate world cities, pop culture, or their heritage into their party. If you're looking for Sweet 16 theme ideas, look no further than these recent Hurricane Productions events.

Unique Sweet 16 theme ideas


sweet 16 theme ideas - masquerade

Masquerade balls have been popular for centuries, and have long been associated with wealth, class, elegance, and mystique. Melanie’s masquerade celebration was a modern Sweet 16 with elements of the traditional quinceañera. The classic masquerade mask, which some of the guests wore during the evening, was incorporated into the birthday girl’s custom Name in Lights display, designed by Hurricane Productions.

Beauty and the Beast

sweet 16 theme ideas - beauty and the beast
Sabrina Ann blowing out her Sweet 16 Candles at the Ria Mar in South River, NJ.

From her Belle-inspired ballgown, to her birthday cake topped with a Belle-and-Beast silhouette topper, Sabrina Ann's Sweet 16 at Ria Mar was all about Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." A blue and gold color scheme, red rose décor, and a Disney-style custom Name in Lights and Snapchat filter from Hurricane Productions tied Sabrina Ann's theme together.

Indian-Inspired Elephant Theme

indian-inspired elephant sweet 16

At Samantha's Sweet 16, held at The Excelsior, the birthday girl highlighted her favorite symbol of good luck and fortune: an elephant with an upward-facing trunk. Inspired by the mythology behind the elephant, Samantha celebrated Indian culture at her event with traditional sarees and henna body art. Hurricane Productions also created a custom animation based on her theme.

Great Gatsby

great gatsby birthday celebration

New York in the 1920s was all about glitz and glamour, and what better way to celebrate that era's opulence than with a "Great Gatsby"-themed Sweet 16? For Nicolette's celebration, Brooklyn's Gargiulo's Restaurant was decked out in black, silver, and gold, while the birthday girl stood out in her gorgeous red ballgown. With a sophisticated cake and custom animation to match the color scheme, Nicolette's evening truly brought this classic American novel to life.


princess-themed sweet 16

If you can't choose just one favorite princess, why not celebrate with them all? Juliana's Sweet 16 at Bridgewater Manor celebrated all of the birthday girl's favorite fictional royalty, from her Cinderella-carriage centerpieces and castle-topped cake, to her Tinkerbell-inspired ballgown and shoes. Aside from her castle-and-tiara custom animation, the most magical part of Juliana's event was an outdoor paper lantern send-off.

You can check out some more incredible themed celebrations we've been a part of over the years in our Sweet 16 portfolio. Popular themes include ParisArabian Nights, and Nightclub, but there are plenty of unique ones, like Winter in MoscowVictoria's Secret, and Caribbean.

Hurricane Productions provides a full suite of media and entertainment services for all special occasions, including Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras. Visit our pricing page or request a quote to learn more about our all-inclusive packages for your special birthday celebration.

Get paid to play on Instagram!

If you found this post, you're about to land upon one of the best opportunities you've seen in a while -

If you don't suck at shooting video with your iPhone and you generally like to have a good time, keep reading.

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Here are some more 'formal' details:

We want someone who is comfortable primarily using an iPhone to shoot video footage.

Ideally you would be able to edit footage using Adobe Premiere but we are open to other solutions - quick and timely turnaround time is a must.

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Princess Themed Sweet 16 at River View Banquet Center – Berkeley Heights, NJ

Ashley's Princess Themed Sweet 16: River View Banquet Center

Many little girls dream of being a princess when they grow up. Ashley got to live the royal fantasy at her princess themed Sweet 16 celebration.

Ashley's family and friends gathered at the River View Banquet Center, an elegant venue in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey that boasts a "rustic ambiance and charm." The birthday girl wore a rhinestoned, corset-back baby blue ballgown, while her family and court were dressed in varying shades of blue. Ashley’s two-tiered, blue-and-white birthday cake perfectly complemented her color scheme and featured a Cinderella-style shoe as the topper.

Hurricane Productions' director of operations, Nick Nittoli, helped transform the River View Banquet Center's ballroom into one fit for a modern princess. As part of our Media & Entertainment Package, Ashley's event included Twin Totem lighting, colored uplighting, a photo montage, custom animation displayed on a 42" LED TV screen, an open-air photo booth, and even a personalized Snapchat geofilter for guests to use throughout the night.

With the atmosphere set, DJ Nate Hawley provided the evening's entertainment, while MC Robbie Padovano kept the crowd engaged. Photographer Jasear Thompson and videographer Tyler Ajamian captured all the highlights of Ashley's big night, providing her and her family with lasting digital memories of this special celebration.

Hurricane Productions provides a full suite of media and entertainment services for all special occasions, including Sweet 16s. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our all-inclusive packages, or contact us for a quote to customize your event.

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