Top 25 Live Events of 2012

As another year closes out, 2012 will be remembered at Hurricane Productions for consistency in brand recognition and event production.

In its first year multi-opting select dates on the calendar, Hurricane delivered an full spectrum of entertainment and media products unparalleled to many in its class.

Hurricane relaunched a new website, entertained some visually stunning events and renewed its commitment to building a media portfolio outside of live events.

The creation of 'Hurricane Pulse' bolstered the company's social media presence and reputation amongst industry leaders. Hurricane also developed more photographers and videographers in its visual division. Hurricane Studios will debut in 2013 an entity separate from the entertainment of the company, focusing solely on photo and video production.

Here's a look at our top 25 live events from 2012:

25. Brianna's Sweet 16

When: October 13, 2012
Where: Macaluso's in Hawthorne, NJ

The Story:
Brianna and her family grew up with New York City roots so Brianna envisioned a Sweet 16 themed around the Big Apple.

From a custom animation which featured Brianna's portraits throughout an animated scene of Times Square to a 'Name in Lights' gobo that reflected the skyline of the city, Brianna communicated her wants and Hurricane brought the NYC vibe to her event.

Brianna and her friends also snapped Instagram photos on their phones throughout the night which streamed right to the four video screens provided by Hurricane Productions.

Talent on this event featured emcee Benny K, Robert Padovano and DJ Strato Doumanis.

Brianna's Sweet 16 Photo Album
#brianna16 on Instagram via Hurricane Pulse

24. Deborah and Robert's Wedding

When: June 23, 2012
Where: The Bernard's Inn - Bernardsville, NJ

The Story:

Watch this video. If someone told you this was a second wedding, would you believe them?

Maybe some couples who embark on a second marriage would shy away from a younger entertainment company. But not Deborah and Bobby. This couple met with Vincent and Strato numerous times and sensed the duo's maturity and in-depth understanding of their music preferences.

The Bernard's Inn played host to this wedding which featured uplighting and dancing throughout the night.

23. Katherine's Sweet 16

When: February 18, 2012
Where: The Heldrich Hotel - New Brunswick NJ

The Story:
Katherine grew up with Hurricane Productions. The company entertained a number of events while she attended elementary and middle school. Her family even hired Hurricane for Katherine's 13th birthday party.

So when it came time for Katherine's Sweet 16, there was no question about her choice of entertainment.

There was just one problem...A wedding event already contracted Vincent and Strato for their services. But with the guidance of a strong support staff, Emcee Benny K, Robert Padovano, and DJ Andrew Schittone headlined this event and provided Katherine with a true Hurricane experience.

Katherine's Sweet 16 Photo Album

22. Paul's Graduation

jasna polana princeton nj

When: June 9, 2012
Where: TPC Jasna Polana - Princeton, NJ

The Story:
Seriously...this is a high school graduation.

From full lighting decor to a nightlife-inspired production, Paul invited all of his graduating class and their friends from town to celebrate this milestone together.

Nearly 200 guests danced from sunset until midnight in a setting that more closely resembled a nightclub than a country club.

Paul's Graduation Photo Album

21. Demitria's Sweet 16

Sweet 16 at Razberry's in Frenchtown, NJ

When: December 8, 2012
Where: Razberry's - Frenchtown, NJ

The Story:
Many Sweet 16 girls born in winter months want a 'Winter Wonderland' themed event. But not as many can execute it like Demitria and her family.

Hurricane Productions provided a custom 'Name in Lights' gobo and signature animations which feature snowflakes handpicked by Demitria.

The event featured emcee Robert Padovano and DJ Strato Doumanis.

Demitria's Sweet 16 Photo Album

20. Danielle and Robert's Wedding

long branch wedding branches

When: September 7, 2012
Where: Branches - Long Branch, NJ

The Story:
Danielle and Robert met Vincent and Hurricane Productions after Danielle's younger sister celebrated her Sweet 16 with the company in 2009.

Members of the Bernacchi family stayed connected with Vincent via Facebook through the years.

The relationship that this couple built with the company is second to none. Between visiting the office, following posts on Facebook and exchanging emails and texts, Hurricane delivered a fun-filled wedding celebration for a cool couple.

Danielle and Robert's Photo Album
#danielleandrob on Instagram via Hurricane Pulse

19. Justine's Debut Celebration


When: July 29, 2012
Where: Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club - Farmingdale, NJ

The Story:
While a Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera or Sweet 16 is more familiar to American families, a Debut Celebration is a traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration for young women.

A 'Debut' takes place at or around the 18th birthday.

Justine's event features a traditional waltz, rose ceremony, candle ceremony and toasts delivered by key members of her intermediate and extended family.

Justine's Debut Celebration Photo Album
#justine18 on Instagram via Hurricane Pulse

18. DJ Times' DJ Expo 2012 - Hurricane delivers seminar on video production

video seminar atlantic city

When: August 13-16, 2012
Where: Trump Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ

The Story:
For the second straight year, Hurricane Productions' owners Strato Doumanis and Vincent Velasquez delivered a seminar to the DJ and Entertainment Industry at the annual DJ Times DJ Expo.

This year's seminar titled 'Know Your Video,' honed in on the 101s of video editing, production and the mediums people are using to distribute content.

Hurricane's seminar is one of the most attended of a week that consists of education and networking.

Vincent also competed in the 'DJ of the Year' competition.

Hurricane delivers 'Know Your Video' Seminar - Photo Album

17. Julya's Sweet 16

When: September 1, 2012
Where: The Rosewood - Edison, NJ

The Story:
Julya’s Sweet 16 featured all the traditional elements of what would typically be celebrated at a Quinceanera – waltz, changing of the shoes, tiara presentation and more.

From formal introductions to traditional dances, Spanish music and more, the Hurricane Productions staff is able to adapt to any setting and entertain all guests.

Emcee Benny K, Robert Padovano and DJ Andrew Schittone entertained this event.

Julya's Sweet 16 Photo Album

16. Rutgers Senior Formal 2012

When: May 10, 2012
Where: Livingston Hall - Rutgers University

The Story:
What's cool about this event is that from start to finish, it takes about 16 hours to produce.

Setup in Livingston Hall commences around 10am and Hurricane's production staff works straight through until the start of the event at 9pm to create a nightlife, club-inspired atmosphere for graduating seniors.

Then it's non-stop entertainment for four hours with a cocktail-style celebration.

This is one of their last events together as a senior class before graduation so RU always makes it a night to remember.

Rutgers Univerisity Class of 2012 Gala Photo Album

15. Jamie's Sweet 16

When: October 27, 2012
Where: Gran Centurions - Clark, NJ

The Story:
Jamie's Sweet 16 featured the full spectrum of event services from Hurricane Productions - Entertainment, Event Design, Photography and Videography.

Hosted at The Gran Centurions in Clark, NJ, this highlight video captures a nightlife style atmosphere created by great music and interactive entertainment.

DJ Strato Doumanis, Emcee Benny K and Robert Padovano headlined this event.

Jamie's Sweet 16 Photo Album
#jamie16 on Instagram via Hurricane Pulse

14. Derby Days 2012

When: November 10, 2012
Where: College Avenue Gymnasium - Rutgers University

The Story:
Hurricane Productions provides music, production and visual support for this annual philanthropic event hosted at Rutgers University.

This year's edition of Sigma Chi Derby Days raised $138,000 for the Children's Miracle Network and six other philanthropic organizations.

Hurricane's involvement with the event dates back to 2006. Over that span, the organizations involved with the event have eclipsed over $300,000 in monies raised and donated.

Brotherhood Auction Highlight Video
Derby Days' Photo Album

13. Petrides School Senior Prom

staten island hilton

When: June 7, 2012
Where: Hilton Garden Inn - Staten Island, NY

The Story:
Proms are a unique event. Students change and mature at a rapid pace from a year-to-year basis.

Trends are different, styles are different, and the music is different as well.

But each year, Hurricane Productions continues to adapt and make each prom a little different to suit each outgoing senior class.

From lighting design to music selection, the nightclub atmosphere that Hurricane Productions creates gives the guests a product that is more mature and sophisticated than a Sweet 16 but not quite a wedding.

Petrides School Senior Prom Photo Album

12. Ani's Sweet 16

When: June 15, 2012
Where: Manasquan River Golf Club - Manasquan, NJ

The Story:
Ani knew she wanted an exclusive, VIP experience for all of her friends.

Ani asked Hurricane to be a part of her night because she wanted a nightlife-inspired atmosphere. Hurricane Productions provided full ballroom uplighting, a 'Name in Lights' gobo, party motivators and photography.

Despite it being a summer event, Ani wanted to surprise her guests with Hurricane’s snow special effect.

Ani's Sweet 16 Photo Album

11. Lauren's Sweet 16

When: January 28, 2012
Where: Sterling Gardens - Matawan, NJ

The Story:
Hosted by Hurricane Productions and Sterling Gardens, Lauren’s Sweet 16 featured all the entertainment elements that make a complete event – a fun and loving family, club-inspired music, and interactive entertainment.

Lauren’s family opted for a full-service experience from Hurricane. Although they initially just considered Hurricane a ‘DJ company,’ Lauren and her family quickly realized that they could find a professional photography and videography service from the company as well.

Hurricane guided Lauren through all of her special events, provided event animations, visual displays and more.

Lauren's Sweet 16 Photo Album

10. Gena and Steve's Wedding

When: October 14, 2012
Where: Waterside Restaurant and Catering - North Bergen, NJ

The Story:
Gena and Steve captured the most beautiful day of the season as they celebrated their wedding amongst a diverse group of family and friends.

With music that ranged from oldies to top 40, Gena requested a set of traditional Arabic music. Both sides of the family danced and celebrated with each other while overlooking the New York City skyline.

Hurricane Productions provided entertainment for both the cocktail hour and reception, lighting and video enhancements for the event. Hurricane created custom graphics for the screens inside of the banquet facility and also streamed real-time photos for all guests to view.

Aside from entertainment, Gena and Steve also chose a visuals package from Hurricane. The company provided a professional photography and videography team for the event.


9. Isabella's Sweet 16

When: January 13, 2012
Where: The Grand Marquis - Old Bridge, NJ

The Story:
‘Winter in Moscow’ – a unique, beautiful theme that fit the guest of honor to a tee.

Isabella is a trained ballerina who spent a summer practicing her craft in Russia.

This represents a classic Sweet 16 – one with emphasis on family, ceremonies and presentation.

But that’s not all. We made it snow in the ballroom with the help of our snow special effect enhancement.

Isabella's Sweet 16 Photo Album

8. Rebecca and Joe's Wedding

When: July 14, 2012
Where: TPC Jasna Polana - Princeton, NJ

The Story:
This couple made sure they genuinely enjoyed each other throughout the evening.

Of course a breathtaking venue for lighting like the TPC Jasna Polana helps with creating an elegant atmosphere. But when it came to planning this wedding – at least musically – this is a couple who did it as a team.

Rebecca and Joe used all of Hurricane Productions’ tools - including online access its entire music library - to direct their wedding experience.

Rebecca and Joe's Wedding Photo Album

7. Dana and Adam's Wedding

When: February 18, 2012
Where: The One and Only Westmount Country Club - Woodland Park, NJ

The Story:
Adam and Dana celebrated a winter wedding in the elegant setting of the ‘One and Only’ Westmount Country Club in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. With vibrant reds and room decor, this wedding stands out because of the couples meticulous attention to every detail.

Accompanied by unparalleled entertainment, lighting visuals and custom design work, Adam and Dana enjoyed their dance floor throughout their entire wedding (especially Dana).

Believe it or not, some couples get caught up in the ceremonies and saying ‘hello’ to every guest. But not these two. Adam and Dana were adamant about making the dance floor the focal point of their celebration.

Adam and Dana's Wedding Photo Album

6. Jennifer and Bill's Wedding

When: July 14, 2012
Where: St. Clement's Castle - Portland, CT

The Story:
Jennifer and William met while working together on the Board of Directors for Rutgers Dance Marathon.

The couple chose a unique setting in Connecticut for their wedding celebration.

Vincent and the Hurricane team met with Jen and Bill four times to plan all of their musical details. Jen knew exactly what she wanted from the onset of planning and pitched in ideas for all aspects of her lighting design and custom graphic proofs.

But more impressive is that neither the couple nor Hurricane blinked at the prospect of entertaining a large wedding nearly four hours from the company’s homebase. With a keen attention to detail, the couple celebrated a flawless wedding.

Jennifer and William's Wedding Photo Album

5. Dance Marathon 2012

When: March 31-April 1, 2012
Where: College Avenue Gymnasium - Rutgers University

The Story:
It's a special experience to work with students who are unselfishly working towards the common goal of helping others.

Rutgers University Dance Marathon is the largest student-run philanthropic event in New Jersey. And the 32-hour non-stop event raises money and awareness for the Embrace Kids Foundation located in New Brunswick, NJ.

Hurricane Productions (in its fifth year of involvement with the Marathon) provides professional support for social media, entertainment, visuals and more.

The most impressive undertaking by Hurricane is the recap video. It was produced in real-time, during the Marathon and shown to all dancers, volunteers, families and more right before the Board of Directors revealed the total monies raised to all.

The company also produces the event's signature line dance music track and video.

And this year Hurricane introduced a live integration of Twitter and other social media to a 50-ft interactive screen in the gymnasium.

Dance Marathon's Club DM Photo Album

4. Brianna's Sweet 16

When: August 17, 2012
Where: The Addison Park - Aberdeen, NJ

The Story:
Hurricane debuted 'Hurricane Pulse' at Brianna's Sweet 16 at Addison Park.

Brianna and her guests took over a hundred photos using her unique hashtag #briannasweet16.

The venue and the lighting made those amateur photos look great, too.

Hurricane Productions provided entertainment, screens with signature animations, 'Name in Lights' gobo, photography, videography and full ballroom uplighting.

The pink uplighting for Brianna’s Sweet 16 accented the entire ballroom to add elegance with a touch of nightclub to her event.

Brianna's Sweet 16 Photo Album
#briannasweet16 on Instagram via Hurricane Pulse

3. Selena's Quinceanera

When: May 26, 2012
Where: The Palace at Somerset Park - Somerset, NJ

The Story:
Fireworks, interactive entertainment and custom signature enhancements helped Selena celebrate her Quinceanera at the Palace at Somerset Park with unforgettable elegance. All spectrums of music including salsa, meregenue, bachata, and top 40 kept the dance floor invigorated throughout the evening.

Hurricane Productions provided videography, photography, DJ entertainment, montage services, uplighting, design enhancements and more. Selena and her family received photographs in high-resolution and video in DVD format just a few weeks following the event.

Emcee Vincent Velasquez, Guido Santiago and DJ Andrew Schittone entertained this event.

Selena's Quinceanera Photo Album

2. Elizabeth and Brian's Wedding

When: June 2, 2012
Where: Liberty Hall Museum at Kean University - Union, NJ

The Story:
The day before an outdoor wedding celebration is stressful. Especially if it rains.

But following a day of showers, the sun held up the weekend after Memorial Day for Brian and Elizabeth.

The couple celebrated a tented wedding on a summer day in New Jersey – devoid of humidity or a cloud in the sky. Guests congregated in the garden for the wedding ceremony, enjoyed cocktail hour during dusk and danced together into moonlight.

The weather coincided with Brian and Liz’s music selection – a perfect mix of oldies, Spanish music, and top 40 to keep all ages socializing and dancing together throughout the evening.

Emcee Vincent Velasquez and DJ Andrew Schittone headlined this wedding celebration.

Elizabeth and Brian's Wedding Photo Album

1. Hurricane Pulse - Instagram incorporated in live events

The Story:
Ok, so it's not a live event. But our No. 1 spot belongs to the biggest 'Event Innovation' we added to our live event portfolio in 2012.

Hurricane Pulse is interactivity, redefined.

You're are already sharing pics with friends on Instagram, connecting on Twitter … and needless to say, everyone is on Facebook.

Now just think about how cool all of this can be at your special event.

Whether it’s a Wedding, Sweet 16 or Corporate event, Hurricane Pulse allows you to connect with all of your guests using these three social media platforms.

Here’s how it works:

Instagram photos and Tweets are fed directly to our high-definition screens using an event-specific hashtag. Your guests don’t need anything but the apps installed on their phones
(Yes, it’s that simple).

That’s not all. Hurricane prints your photos straight from Instagram at Kiosks around your private event space.

Forget a photobooth, this is way cooler.

Wait, we’re seriously not done.

Alongside this user-interactive experience, Hurricane’s professional photographers snap pics all night and then posting them just hours after your event right on Facebook.

Pulse is just one of the many features and services Hurricane Productions offers Weddings, Sweet 16s and corporate events.


Manasquan River Golf Club Sweet 16 Features Snow Effect and Lighting

The perfect venue for a wedding or Sweet 16 is Manasquan River Golf Club in Brielle, NJ. This venue paired with great entertainment from Hurricane Productions is the recipe for a flawless event.

Manasquan River Golf Club has a large ballroom surrounded with floor to ceiling windows. The view of the golf course is a nice backdrop for any event.

Manasquan River Golf Club hosted Ani's Sweet 16 and her nearly 200 guests on a summer day in June.

Ani asked Hurricane to be a part of her night because she wanted a nightlife-inspired atmosphere. Hurricane Productions provided full ballroom uplighting, a name-in-lights monogram,party motivators and photography.

Despite it being a summer event, Ani wanted to surprise her guests with Hurricane's snow special effect.

Full ballroom uplighting of bright blues and lime greens decorated the space to compliment Ani's theme. Her custom name-in-lights shown above the DJ booth, matching the the event animations on the screens designed just for her event.

Professional photographers captured important moments all evening so Ani and her family could remember her Sweet 16 forever. Hurricane photographers used high definition DSLR cameras to ensure the best photos for Ani.

Hurricane Productions provides entertainment for weddings, Sweet 16's and all other events. If you are interested in having Hurricane Productions at your event, visit the website or call - 888.393.7066.

Waterside Restaurant and Catering hosts picturesque Fall wedding

Waterside Restaurant and Catering located in North Bergen, NJ is the ideal venue for your weddings in the tri-state area.

The view of the New York City Skyline is not the only reason to have an event there at any time of the year. This scene coupled with great entertainment like Hurricane Productions make the perfect match for any wedding.

Gena and Steve married on a Sunday evening at Waterside and received top service for their wedding. The staff accommodates the many happy, excited guests, and welcomes them all graciously. Waterside served a delicious meal setting the stage for a great evening.

Hurricane Productions, an entertainment business based out of Red Bank, NJ, hosted Gena and Steve’s wedding. Hurricane provided live entertainment, uplighting, “Name in Lights,” a custom animation, and photography and videography for the event.

The pink and purple uplighting strategically placed in key areas of the room enhanced the view of the New York City Skyline. Paired with a “Name in Lights” on the wall, guests entered an enchanted ballroom tailored specifically to Gena and Steve.

Custom animations designed in house at Hurricane Productions mimicked the “Name in Lights,” keeping decorations for the ballroom consistent.

The ballroom at Waterside was the perfect setting for Hurricane Productions’ professional photographer and videographer to beautifully capture the essence of the evening.

Hurricane Productions provides entertainment and lighting design for weddings and all other events. If you are interested in Hurricane Productions for your upcoming event please visit our website or call - 888.393.7066.

Razberry's in Frenchtown, NJ hosts "Winter Wonderland" themed Sweet 16

During the holidays there are many “Winter Wonderland” themed events. Trying to make your “Winter Wonderland” the best of all takes support from great vendors to deliver exactly what you pictured and more on the day of the event.

Razberry’s in Frenchtown, NJ delivered for Demitria’s “Winter Wonderland” themed Sweet 16. They provide the perfect setting - a spacious ballroom with high ceilings and a marble dance floor. But that was not the only service they provided for Demitria and her guests. Razberry’s served a delicious dinner to all present.

Demitria and her family chose Hurricane Productions as the other vendor to create the whimsical atmosphere for the evening. Hurricane provides entertainment for a variety of events.

Along with entertainment, Hurricane Productions provided uplighting, a name-in-lights, screens and photography.

Blue uplighting around the room and under Demitria’s court table brings the ballroom to life, enhancing not only the "Winter Wonderland" theme but important areas of the space.

A snowflake inspired name-in-lights on the wall is complemented by the frosty custom graphics design specifically for Demitria.

Demitria’s graphic appeared on the screens all night. The screens also showed family-friendly music videos during dance sets and Demitria’s photo montage.

Hurricane Productions’ professional photographer captured the evening with a DSLR high definition camera.

If you are interested in learning more about how Hurricane Productions can make your Sweet 16 theme come to life, please visit our website or give us a call - 888.393.7066.

Gran Centurions in Clark, NJ makes event planning easy

Choosing a venue to host your Sweet 16 is more than just picking a nice space. The perfect venue is well managed with a friendly staff and has that spacious ballroom that holds all of your guests. Gran Centurions in Clark, NJ is all of that and more.

The Gran Centurions staff is with their clients every step of the planning process. Their attention to detail guarantees a flawless event.

Jamie and her family chose Gran Centurions as the venue for her Sweet 16 and Hurricane Productions for entertainment. Friends and family danced all evening on the large dance floor, taking time for dinner and the candle ceremony.

Hurricane Productions not only provided entertainment for the evening, but also photography and videography to capture special moments.

Hurricane Productions photographers and videographers are trained professionals that use DSLR cameras. Post-production is done in house to ensure the highest quality product for Hurricane clients.

Jamie’s Sweet 16 included screens with custom graphics, name-in-lights, and Instagram hashtag streaming.

The custom graphics were inspired by Jamie’s “black and white” theme infused with diamonds and tailored exactly to Jamie’s taste. A name-in-lights gobo in the same style as her graphic welcomed guests to the ballroom.

Guests used Jamie’s hashtag #jamie16 on Instagram photos that streamed directly to the screens. The photos were printed and given to Jamie and her friends throughout the evening.

Hurricane Productions provides entertainment for all events. To get more information, visit our website or call - 888.393.7066.

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