Hurricane Productions created an unforgettable night for Michele and her family. Here’s the best part about her party – Hurricane Productions entertained her sister Alexa’s Sweet 16 just two years earlier!

Zap Photos were available immediately on the 42-inch plasma screens. Hurricane Productions posted those same photos on Facebook right after the party.

With high-definition cameras in hand, Hurricane Productions filmed video clips and then produced a video highlight clip for Michele and her family. Just like the photo album, this video was posted on Facebook just hours after the party.

Immediately after Hurricane Productions packs up its setup at any Sweet 16, they head back to their office and edit photos and video in the early morning hours. When Michele woke up from her party the next morning, she got to relive it with all of her friends on Facebook – the world’s largest social networking website.

Everything you see on from its own website, to the video and pictures of its clients are solely created by the Hurricane Productions staff. None of the material is handled or produced by a third-party company so hiring Hurricane Productions means that you’re getting a personalized service for your event.

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