8 Groundbreaking Moments of 2014

This list usually stands as our annual β€œTop 25 Live Events.” Although that feature is wildly popular amongst our private event clients, we felt like it was time to move away from that format.

Hurricane continues to evolve and the question always arises: What else does your company do?

This list is a true snapshot of who we are, what we do and where we are heading in 2015:

8. Vincent and Strato launch Hurricane Innovation LLC, offer social media consulting to small and mid-sized businesses.

Starting another business isn't just about creating a website or coming up with a name. We needed clients. We needed a vision. So with the help of some of our existing web clients, Rutgers University and the addition of Journal Multimedia, Caesars Entertainment, and The Olde Mill Inn, we evolved into a social media and video consulting firm.

And we have our former General Manager, Julia Crimi, to thank for making sure that Hurricane Productions operated at full strength while we jumped into our new endeavor.

7. We get more social (and accessible) to our clients with #HurricaneSocial

hurricane social

Every company should do this: Let your employees be themselves ... and share it on all forms of social media.

With the help of a company-wide hashtag, we implemented a way to aggregate all of this content from each popular social media platform and display it in real-time.

If you want a true snapshot of what we're doing, where we're going (as a company and individuals) please visit HurricaneProductions.com/social or just type #hurricanesocial into your favorite social media platform.

It looks great on Instagram.

6. A new generation of entertainers, creatives lead our Sweet 16 brand

Sweet 16s are still an important part of our business. It's how we recruit young, creative people. It's where we develop DJ and emcee talent. It's where we train novice, up and coming video and photo professionals. It's how this company supported itself at launch in 2003.

But 2014 marked a change in how we operated our Sweet 16s. Listen, Strato and Vincent are in their late twenties. Sure, they're still 'young.' But Sweet 16ers don't need or want 30 year olds entertaining their events. We passed the torch to a crew that includes Robert Padovano, Dan Toth, Bayshawn Wells, and Brandon Perera.

5. We helped transform a University library into a nightclub

Students joke about late nights at the library on social media as if they were spending the late and long nights 'at the club.' The moniker became so popular at Rutgers that "Club Alex" (referring to the Alexander Library) actually came to life.

Student Affairs director Carey Loch enlisted the help of our staff to help create this atmosphere for graduating seniors. Sure, it may seem like an easy task since we do stuff like this every weekend. But when's the last time you saw a circulation desk turn into a bar? From consulting, lighting and video, Hurricane produced and entertained this unique event.

4. We ditch the DVD to create stunning wedding footage like this:

DVDs are dead. In fact, we no longer offer that format to clients. But we create stunning video features. Think Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime - Our clients can relive their wedding on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. With the use of a Smart TV, Chromecast or Apple TV, our clients can watch stream clips right on the big screen.

Speaking of video ...
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