7 Essential Tips for Brides-to-be

7. Design - When it comes to your wedding, few things are more important than design. From your dress, colors, themes and lighting – design ties it all together.  Use resources like The Knot and Wedding Wire to help you stylize your wedding.

6.  Style -  Spend more time on having fun than worrying about every little detail. Your demeanor comes through in your photos and video. Carry yourself with style. Save the worrying for the professionals you hired to help celebrate your day. You’ll be glad you did.

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Six Unforgettable Sweet 16 Themes

Choosing a theme for a Sweet 16 is critical to the overall feel for the party. It can be a stressful experience. Do you go for originality, creativity or draw your theme from pop culture? Or do you try something more traditional? These are common questions that families encounter when planning a Sweet 16.

Check out these parties that fall into both categories while still being unique all on their own:

6. Sara’s Paris Theme


After doing some searching on Google – we think she stumbled upon our snow video from Raven’s Sweet 16 in neighboring Flushing – Sara’s family booked Hurricane for its high-quality entertainment and design portfolio.

Sara’s family took a trip out to Red Bank to meet with Hurricane so that they could customize each element of her Paris-themed Sweet 16.

The event featured entertainment, photography, videography, and an Instagram photo booth from Hurricane Productions.

5.  Brianna’s NYC Theme

New York is the pinnacle of opulence. With Brianna’s NYC theme, we brought all the bright lights and energy of the city to her party.

Hurricane created a custom animation including Brianna’s name and face in Times Square’s jumbo-screens along with a skyline GOBO.

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Top 25 Live Events of 2013

When people look at back at Hurricane’s 2013, it’ll be highlighted by expanding its reach across the northeast. Hurricane used the powerful tool of social media content and marketing to move into other markets.

A strategy that kicked off 2013 with a press conference that announced the company’s expansion to Boston, Hurricane saw a boost in regional exposure.

Aside from the live events documented in this post, Hurricane owners/founders Strato Doumanis and Vincent Velasquez created consultation sessions with mid-sized businesses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The seminars used Hurricane Productions’ marketing model in the private events platform to demonstrate how to grow brands online.

A majority of 2013′s events featured unique hashtags that helped clients share moments via photos and videos on Instagram but also stream and print pics in real-time at each unique event.

Here’s a look at the top 25 live events of 2013:

25. Christina and Shanna’s Wedding


When: June 1, 2013
Where: Rutgers Gardens – New Brunswick, NJ

The Story:
Christina and Shanna celebrated a wedding during a summer that rewrote a history in NJ that previously did not recognize same-sex marriages.

The couple chose the hashtag #cswed2013 which helped Hurricane collect over 200 photos from family and friends on Instagram. The pics streamed to a screen setup by the bar and printed as photo favors for guests.

#cswed2013 on Instagram
Recap Album on Facebook
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